Repeal UAPA

Lawyers, the persecuted, their families and others have been presenting how UAPA is being used to persecute activists and silence dissent.

UAPA: A Weapon of The State

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act is one of the many draconian laws of India, that has gone through many forms and amendments, from the Terrorist Affected Areas (Special Courts) Act, 1984 (TAAA) to its current form now. It is important to note the sequence of events, determined by the politics of the ruling governments, to realise that UAPA, in its current form with the latest amendment in 2019, is nothing but a weapon of the state, used to suppress dissent and enforce brutal force on the democratic principles of India.


UAPA was progressively 'tightened'. Amidst several instances where UAPA was criticised in the Parliament and courts were ruling it down, the Congress-led government kept amending the law to make it 'tighter'.



Press Statements

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41st JP Memorial Lecture - Human Rights Lawyering in an Illiberal Environment: Can the Law of the Abuser Protect? - Michael Sfard

23 Mar, 2022

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Caged birds and prison songs: In chorus, Stan Swamy and the Bhima Koregaon accused kept hope alive

By Vernon Gonsalves

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Jallikattu violates the dignity and civil liberties of non-human animals

By Alok Hisarwala

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Apnon ka Bahut Lagta Hai (Our Own Hurt Us the Most) - Centering Familial Violence in the lives of Queer and Trans Persons in the Marriage Equality Debates

17 Apr, 2023

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Criminalizing the Practise of Faith - A report by PUCL Karnataka on Hate Crimes against Christians in Karnataka

14 Dec, 2021

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The Double Siege - News Media in the Time of Covid-19

04 Sep, 2020

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