PUCL - UP prepares a Human Rights Manifesto

Apr 08, 2024
By PUCL Uttar Pradesh

PUCL Uttar Pradesh has prepared this human rights manifesto describing the state of human rights in Uttar Pradesh in view of the Lok Sabha elections. In this manifesto, it has been recorded along with facts and figures that human rights in Uttar Pradesh is worrying. 40 percent of the human rights violations taking place in the entire country are taking place in Uttar Pradesh. Here, instead of democracy, there is unconstitutional bulldozer rule. Uttar Pradesh’s figures in cases of women oppression, Dalit oppression and custodial deaths are rapidly going up instead of going down. The rapid increase in fake encounters and semi/half-encounters here during the BJP rule is a matter of concern. In such a situation, the non-functioning of the State Human Rights Commission is even more worrying. There is a continuous and worrying increase in the number of youth committing suicide due to unemployment. Even in gangrape cases it is at the top position. Incidents of fake cases against Muslim and Christian minorities and bulldozing of their homes and settlements through illegal means have increased.

All the time the voices of protest are being stopped by imposing Section 144 in the districts, whereas this is a right given to the citizens by the Constitution. Arresting social workers in false cases and imposing laws like UAPA on them has increased in Uttar Pradesh. 75 percent of the total UAPA cases across the country have been registered in only four states, one of which is Uttar Pradesh. This is evidence of the state moving towards dictatorship.

Many laws like conversion and recovery of personal property have been brought in the state which are unconstitutional.

PUCL Uttar Pradesh unit, through this demand letter, has appealed to the parties going to participate in the elections to promise to stop the cases of human rights violations, and PUCL has appealed to the voting public that they Before casting your vote, raise the question of human rights violations in front of your candidates and vote only for those who promise to establish human rights/citizens’ rights.

(Full report attached)

Seema Azad, President

Kamal Singh, General Secretary

PUCL Uttar Pradesh