Bulletin Edition: September 2022

  • Announcement of the PUCL National Council Meeting
  • The idea of India at 75: The Flag, the Constitution and the Anthem – Arvind Narrain
  • The Executive(‘s) Court: Notes on the Legacy of Justice A.M. Khanwilkar – Gautam Bhatia
  • PUCL Bihar: Fact Finding Report on arrests in the alleged terror activities in Phulwarishreef India Punishes
  • Internationally Recognized Activists – Arbitrary Arrests, Bogus Charges Further Tarnish Government’s Reputation – Meenakshi Ganguly
  • The Law: Bail Is The Rule, Jail The Exception – The Court: Jail Is The Rule, Bail The Exception – Prabhakar Sinha
  • PUCL condemns the remission of the sentence of the 11 convicts in the Bilkis case as arbitrary, unfair and dangerous for Indian democracy
  • PUCL condemns the attack on Salman Rushdie!
  • PUCL expresses deep concerns and anguish over the speech made by Hon’ble Justice Pratiba M Singh, Judge, Delhi High Court praising Manusmriti as an authority that accords a “respectable position” for women in India