Bulletin Edition: May 2023

  • Keynote address by Justice Govind Mathur (Retired) at the 11th Rajasthan State Convention of the PUCL: Reclaiming Constitutional Democracy and Defending Human Rights
  • Special Address delivered by Eminent Social Activist Ms. Aruna Roy: The struggle against hatred and fear … has deepened and sustained constitutional democracy in Rajasthan
  • Address by Kavita Srivastava, outgoing PUCL Rajasthan State President: “Challenging Majoritarian Attack on the Constitutional Values in India today : Some thoughts on the path that PUCL Rajasthan needs to take”
  • 11th PUCL Rajasthan State Conference Report: Reclaiming Constitutional Democracy: Defending Human Rights
  • Custodial Tortures: The Omerta Code between Policemen and Government