Bulletin Edition: July 2023

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  1. Editorial: Past as Present: Remembering The Emergency and Living in an Undeclared Emergency
  2. Living in Emergencies, Past and Present By Prabir Purkayastha
  3. My Bitter Experience of the Emergency By Prabhakar Sinha
  4. The Guillotine or slow bleed? By Kalpana Sharma
  5. We cannot tie anybody’s tongue – A first person account By Radhakant Saxena
  6. Remembering June 26 and the days that followed By Vijay Chawla
  7. Is India going to submit to dictatorship or opt for democracy? By Nandana Reddy
  8. The Emergency – Declared in the PAST, Undeclared in the PRESENT By K. Veeramani
  9. Jallikattu violates the dignity and civil liberties of non-human animals By Alok Hisarwala
  10. PUCL on Law Commission Report on Sedition
  11. PUCL Letter petition to CJI: Stop hate assembly in Uttarakhand
  12. `The death of lawyer Lincoln Bastin is an irreparable loss’ – Tributes to a PUCL Colleague

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