Bulletin Edition: PUCL Bulletin - July 2022

  • PUCL Statement – Punitive Home Demolitions: An outrage on the Constitution
  • Punitive Demolitions in Madhya Pradesh – Madhuri Krishnaswamy
  • The Role of the Judiciary in Difficult Times: Remembering Justice Khanna’s Dissent – Arvind Narrain
  • A Just Policy Must Precede The Bulldozer – Prabhakar Sinha
  • SC Must Wake Up and Do Its Duty to The Citizens – Prabhakar Sinha
  • Muzaffarpur Report Summary – Sarfaraz
  • Resolutions passed in the Tamil Nadu State Conference, 2022
  • Supreme Court Collegium Is Now Nothing More Than a Post Office with a Fancy Pin Code – Madan Lokur
  • Academics Reflect on Evolution of Political Correctness in Language -Pheroze L. Vincent
  • Letter: Petition sent by Former SC/ HC Judges and Senior Advocates to the CJI for action in UP
    incidents – Anand Grover
  • Summary of Minutes of PUCL National Executive Meeting
  • Police Linked to Hacking Campaign to Frame Indian Activists -Andy Greenberg
  • Delhi PUCL: Bulldozer campaign by the ruling party at the Centre