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December 2002
Education, Campuses, and Violence -- By Kalpana Kannabiran

Bhagalpur: University teachers suspended for attending meeting for resettlement of encroachers-- By Prabhakar Sinha, 19.06.2002

June 2002
Crackdown on the Students, Youths and Cultural Activists at Faizabad, UP. By Y. P. Chhibbar

Illegal crackdown on student activists at "Ayodhya Convention" in Faizabad - A report

Dalit and tribal rights
December 2002
Police atrocities on Dalits and Adivasis in Varanasi and neighbourhood areas In U.P. -- A summary by Neelofar Haram

Bihar State PUCL Report - Rape of three adivasi girls

Bihar PUCL Report - Killing of Dalits at Bhadaura, PS Masaurhi, Patna

June 2002
National Commission for SC & ST wants to know why an upper cast landlord's "bonded labourer escaped without clearing his dues" ? By Jai Singh, President, Dalit Daastaa Virodhi Andolan

Police and State atrocities on Dalits in Varanasi, UP
Interim Report by the Indian People's Tribunal

Brutal police beating and illegal detention of dalit in Varanasi
By People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)

May 2002
Chitrakoot PUCL, UP; Murder of Dalit leader, Harish Chandra and assault on Dalit households - A fact finding report
April 2002
The Bhopal Dalit Declaration By Kancha Ilaiah
March 2002

Gang rape of a Dalit girl. A letter.

Freedom of religion/Communalism
Gujarat violence - Crime Against Humanity - A new report by: The Concerned Citizens Tribunal ­ Gujarat 2002, Published on November 22, 2002

In the absence of normalcy, assembly elections should not be held now, 22 July 2002

Gujarat: A tale of Maretha Riot affected Persons., July 20, 2002. By PUCL - Shanti Abhiyan

Violence in Vadodara; A Report by People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) - Vadodara and Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan June 26, 2002

AT THE RECEIVING END: Women's Experiences of Violence in Vadodara (PDF 29 pages) Report by: PUCL, Vadodara and Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan published June 26, 2002

Narendra Modi Must Go, April 2002

Appeal from the Citizens of Gujarat By Prof. D. N. Pathak, March 2002

Report of the investigation by Medico Friend Circle, 13th May 2002

'Maaro! Kaapo! Baalo!' State,Society, and communalism in Gujarat.
A report by PUDR, Delhi, May 2002 (In pdf format)

Letter to the President of India written on the occasion of Baroda Ekta Diwas
(13 May 2002)

The Day My Spirit Died. By J. S. Bandukwala

November 2002
Secular parties should strive to halt the growing communalism
-- By Asghar Ali Engineer

An appeal by PUCL. By K. G. Kannabiran

Keep Peace in Gujarat, says Human Rights Watch

Workshop on 'Challenge of Communalism' disrupted - Magsaysay Awardee and Former Vice- Chancellor arrested -- UP-PUCL President condemns police action

September 2002
Gujarat violence - concern over plight of women victims -- By Neelofar Haram

Elections in Gujarat: A dismal record of grassroots democracy
-- By George Mathew

Elections in Gujarat:
The people can provide the answers -- By Surendra Mohan

Artists' forum demands justice for victims of violence in Gujarat

Act now to prevent Gujarat-like violence in Kodagu - By Syed Shahabuddin, July 2002

M. A. Thomas National Human Rights Award for Shri Harsh Mander

Police high-handed behaviour on 9th-10th June in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

July 2002
Karnataka PUCL - Anatomy of a Communal Riot in Kodagu

Gujarat is burning: A letter to the President by P.S. Appu, Rtd. IAS, April 28, 2002

June 2002
Report of the Concerned Citizens' Tribunal on Gujarat

Gujarat and the Rule of Law. By Amrik Singh

Save Mallika, Expose the Villains -- By K. Satchidanandan and others, May 12, 2002

Human Rights Watch report on Gujarat: May 2002
"We Have No Orders to Save You"

Imminent fear of refugee camps in Gujarat being closed

Dastardly Killings in Jammu. By Y. P. Chhibbar

Terrorist Attacks are an Attack on Human Rights. By Y. P. Chhibbar

The Importance of Rama In Arabian Culture. By CTR Wilson, Saidabad, Hyderabad 500 020

April 2002
Gujarat: Engineered holocaust. By Prof. D. N Pathak

Role of the media during Gujarat carnage. By PUCL Vadodara & Shanti Abhiyan

Women's perspectives on the violence in Gujarat. PUCL Vadodara

Violence in Gujarat. Report by Citizens' Initiative on Violence

CPI (M) and AIDWA on Violence in Gujarat
March 2002

Genocide in Gujarat: An open letter to the president of India. By K. G. Kannabiran, President PUCL, March 2002

Bereft of employment daily wage labourers on the verge of starvation. By Gujarat PUCL & Shanti Abhiyan. March 20, 2002

Interim report to NHRC. By PUCL Gujarat, Mar 21, 2002

Carnage in Gujarat - Press statement by Dr. Y. P. Chhibbar

Urgent appeal from citizens of Gujarat & India

Horrifying violence in Gujarat condemned -Statement by Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry PUCL

Violence in Gujarat: Memorandum to the President, Prime Minister of India, NDA Allies, Leader of the Opposition Party, and Members of Parliament and the Human Rights' Commission By PUCL Baroda, 17 March 2002

Kerala: Court Rejects 'Anti-National' Charge Against human rights leader

January 2002
Malegaon Riots - A New Era of Violence By Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer (Malegoan, Maharashtra)

Gender justice and equality
January 2003
Human rights violations against sexuality minorities in India - A report by PUCL Karnataka

Muslim Widows, A Case Study in Delhi By Neelofer Haram

Police intrusion into SANGAMA, Bangalore, Letter

September 2002
Domestic Violence (DV) Bill: New proposals by government will not protect women's rights (Brinda Karat's speech at AIDWA, Chennai,. 9th May 2002
-- Reported by Sudha Ramalingam)

June 2002
Indian Muslim Law and Muslim Women - By S.M. Daud

Polygamy in Islam - Concept and Practice. By Asghar Ali Engineer

High Court Judgement: Safeguards against reckless divorces

May 2002
A letter by Syed Shahabuddin; Muslim objections to the women's reservation bill

March 2002
Some Thoughts on Education and Muslim Women By Neelofer Haram

Dowry death in Karnataka
February 2002
Women: A long Way To Go. By Neelofar Haram

Gender inequality and Development in Society By Pushkar Raj

Obituary: Pramila Dandavate

Womens' role in human rights and peace in the northeast By Dr. N Vijaylakshmi Brara

Human rights
December 2002
A new beginning in Kashmir -- By Asghar Ali Engineer

Obituary - Annada Sankar Ray & Kaloji Narayan

November 2002
SICHREM report - Housewife brands a two-year old infant with an iron spatula

National Human rights Commission hearing -
Cremations of victims of disappearances and custodial killings in Punjab -
Demand respect for facts, accountability and end to impunity

Human rights in peril -- By Y.P. Chhibbar

Remembering JP -- By Y. P. Chhibbar

Where will corruption take India? - By N.S. Venkataraman

September 2002
Do we really adhere to the rule of law? -- By Sudha Ramalingam

PUCL plea for establishment of UP State Human Rights Commission

Karnataka: Attack on D'Sa condemned

Arrest of Nepalese activists in New Delhi condemned

Obituary Krishan Kant

Fali Nariman To Get Justice Prize

Bihar PUCL Report - Killing of Rajasthani labourers at Dilian, Bhojpur

PUCL seminar on terrorism, human rights & POTA at Barauni, Begusarai
-- By Neeraj Kumar

Murder of Prem Kumar Srivastava

Attempt on the life of P.B. D'Sa, Mangalore condemned

Delhi PUCL: Anti emergency day

Humorous Angle of Politics -- Celebrations, Political 'Business' By Y.P. Chhibbar

Police Atrocities on the Villagers of Harbhanga, District Boudh. Report by Cuttack & Dhenkanal Branches, Orissa.

Bihar State PUCL report into the abduction and assault of C.P.I. ML (Liberation) Leader by Poornamasi Ram, Minister for Food & Supply. By Prabhakar Sinha and Kishori Das.

Jharkhand PUCL: First state convention

Obituary: J.R. Sahni Passes Away

P.G. Mavalankar Passes Away

June 2002
Attack on Human Rights Defenders in Varanasi, UP

By Dr. Lenin, Co-ordinator, People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights

Is 'Govt the Executive of Capitalists?' By Rajindar Sachar, May 7, 2002

May 2002
People's Union for Civil Liberties (J&K State)
Press Statement (26 March 2002) -
Arrest of Yasin Malik condemned.By Balraj Puri

Should We Maintain a Calendar of Disorder? By k. G. Kannabiran

PIL by Kerala PUCL; Supreme court stops fraud
April 2002

Civil Liberties, an African perspective
JP Memorial lecture by Justice Zakeria Mohammed Yacoob, a judge of the Constitutional Court, South Africa

PWG and Andhra govt' urged to cease armed action or violent activities

PUCL branches inaugurated in Uttaranchal and Dumka

Access to water, a fundamental right

March 2002
Draconian Moves. By Kuldip Nayar

A dialog with the national human rights commission

PUCL Jamshedpur observes international Human Rights Day

PUCL activists' workshop held in Jamshedpur

President of India under perpetual attack. By R. M. Pal

Obituary; Shri M.A. Latif
January 2002
Economic rights, womens rights, political rights and other challenges, A symposium (Patna, Bihar)

Two challenging years: PUCL (Delhi) General Secretary's Report for Sept. 1999 to Nov. 2001. By Gopa Joshi

PUCL, Delhi state convention 2001 report

Ranchi & Jamshedpur Demand to form a state human rights commission in Jarkhand:

February 2002
Sonipat, Haryana: besahaaraa insaan kaa ghar enquiry:
Demolition of destitute care home sparks outrage. PUCL report.

Human Rights Record of Uttar Pradesh, November & December 2001

Industries, environment and resettlement
December 2002
Right To Food Campaign update - Chief Secretaries to be held accountable for starvation deaths

November 2002
Varanasi PUCL report - Starvation and famine conditions in Chandauli

The struggle against Coca Cola in Kerala

October 2002
Decentralized development in Uttarakhand -- by K.N. Bhatt

September 2002
Amnesty International calls for an enquiry into police brutality in the Maan Valley, Madhya Pradesh

October 2002
PUCL (Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry) - Fact finding report into the land situation in Gudalur taluka, Nilgiris district

September 2002
The adivasi struggle for land rights at Koel-Karo - Jharkhand PUCL Report on Killing of eight tribal villagers police firing at Tapkara Jharkhand on 02.02.2001

Punjab Govt. Commission for closure of World Bank funded health care project
-- By Vineeta Gupta

August 2002
Cleansed by the sweat of the poor - A report from Karnataka on the strugle by Bangolore municipal cleaning workers for justice

UP-Uttaranchal PUCL: Right to development is a human right - Writ petition in Uttaranchal

Loss of economic and political sovereignty of "We the People of India" by globalisation. -- By Ravi Kiran Jain

July 2002
Globalisation and Human Rights -- By Pushkar Raj

Kerala: Police crack down at a anti-Coke agitation - State PUCL General Secretary Vilayody Venugopal and 100 Others Arrested

June 2002
Bonded Labour in Carpet Industry: Emancipated workers seek help
By People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR)

Bonded labour in brick kiln: Workers and families held in bondage
By People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights

Bonded labourers from Musahar community in danger
By People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights

Chhattisgarh PUCL memo - Attack on human rights at Nagarnar on 10th March 2002. by Dr. Binayak Sen

May 2002
Nagarnar Steel Plant: Police terror on villagers protesting acquisition of their land. By -- Dr Binayak Sen, State Convener

April 2002
Rajesthan: Famine Deaths Writ update
March 2002
Police and administration's atrocities on quake victims and social activists in Bhachau on january 25, 2002. Gujarat PUCL report
January 2002

Uttaranchal: Rehabilitation of people uprooted from the Tehri dam area: What is the reality? A PUCL report.

Law and the judiciary
December 2002
Tamil Nadu- Oppose the amendment to increase the period of police custody -- By V. Suresh, General Secretary, 6.11.2002

November 2002
PUCL response to questionnaire by the Committee on Reforms of Criminal Justice System

Protest against new POTO-like ordinance in Arunachal Pradesh

PUCL UP efforts to set up State Human Rights Commission bear fruit -- By Neelofar Haram

Handling of a harassment case by Kerala State Human Rights Commission is questioned

October 2002
What the people expect from the new President -- By Mahi Pal Singh

September 2002
Is a fair trial possible under POTA ? -- A letter by Gautam Navlakha, Kumar Sanjay Singh, Tripta Wahi, Vijay Singh

PUCL UP press release: Attorney General's appearance in court in "personal capacity" was improper

Electoral reforms - Letter to George Fernandes, Convenor, NDA, New Delhi, July 18, 2002

Mulayam Singh Chastises The President -- By Y.P. Chhibbar

Politicisation of Criminals -- By Rajindar Sachar

Judicial accountability -- By Rajindar Sachar

June 2002
Supreme Court Landmark Judgement -For Clean Elections

April 2002
Secrecy is Central to Voting. By Rajinder Sachar

Politics and Ordinance Making. By K. G. Kannabran

March 2002
Arundhati Roy's contempt of court. By Dr. Y. P. Chhabbar

Justice Iyer and Contempt of Court. By K. G. Kannabiran

January 2002
Use of POTO against PWG and MCC condemned By Y. P. Chhibbar

Terrorist Law Again and Again. By K. G. Kaannabiran

February 2002
The Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act, 1999

VHP stance of temple construction condemned. Letter

Media/Freedom of information
April 2002
PUCL Journalism for Human Rights' Award goes to RANI GEORGE of Malayala Manorama
February 2002
Faridabad editor arrested to silence a newspaper. A report.

September 2002
Speakers from Pakistan and India stress the urgent need for fresh peace initiative - by Neelofar Haram

March 2002
Relevance of Karl Marx and Gandhi in 21st Century. By Surendra mohan.

Disperse the War Clouds. By Rajinder Sachar

February 2002
Let respected international, Indian and Pakistani persons mediate By M.B. Naqvi

December 2002
Killing at Ansal Plaza - Police must learn the law of life - By Rajindar Sachar

Killing at Ansal Plaza - Can state be a law unto itself? -- By Kuldip Nayar

November 2002
Reforming the police -- By Rajindar Sachar

October 2002
Bihar State PUCL Report: Fake encounter killing of Surendra Bhagat

August 2002
Activists picked up by the police in Delhi

April 2002
Karnataka: Unprovoked killing of J. C. Chandrashekar by police SI Fact-finding report by SICHREM-PUCL

KPS Gill appointment condemned

March 2002
Manipur: Assault and manhandling by the CRPF personnel

Karnataka: Death of Ramu in Police Custody

Karnataka: Police firing during VHP Chief's birthday celebrations. A report

Banda, UP: Police found guilty of rape. By By S. Ali Manzar,
January 2002
Karnataka, Mangalore PUCL report: Police Atrocities and Human Rights violations at Katipalla. By P.B. D'Sa

Prisons and prisoner rights
Goa; Sudhir Sharma, a prison inmate struggles to gain access to books

March 2002

Goa: Reading Material for Jail Inmates. NHRC acts on PUCL memo.

January 2002

Jamshedpur, West Bengal: Investigation Report on Sakchi Jail Visit. By Chaman Lal

Children's rights
Tamil Nadu: People's public hearing on all forms of torture, degrading treatment, and sexual abuse of children - Excerpts from interim verdict of the jury panel.

December 2002
Plight of women in Bangladesh - Dr. A.S.M. Badruddoza

Bangladesh: Accountability needed in 'Operation Clean Heart', -- Amnesty International, 23 October 2002

Bangladesh Human Rights Commission & International Commission of Jurists discuss human rights -- Summarised by Neelofar Haram

November 2002
Amnesty International petition opposes impunity agrements with the United States

Discrimination against Tamils in the United Kingdom challenged

October 2002
Declaration of the UN World Conference Against Racism and Xenophobia

September 2002
Democracy, not monarchy is the need of Nepalese people

February 2002
Minorities in Bangladesh Under Attack By R.M. Pal

PUCL Library Management System

Documents lost due to a computer crash at PUCL office.. By Y. P. Chhibbar, July 2002

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