PUCL report of Fact Finding Team on Ponparappi attack (Tamil)

On 18.04.2019, the polling day in Tamil Nadu, Ponparappi, a small Village Panchayat in Sendurai Taluk in Ariyalur district, witnessed caste based violence. Sceheduled Caste settlement, Gandhi Nagar was attacked by dominant caste Vanniyars. Nearly 65 houses and 12 two wheelers were damaged; 12-14 people were severely injured. This shocked the civil society in Tamil Nadu. PUCL-Tamil Nadu & Puducherry set up a Fact Finding Team to look into the issue. The team visited the village on 24.04.2019, met both sections, visited those who were injured and met the officials too. The detailed report was released to the Press on 02.05.2019. Here is the report in Tamil (English version of the report will be uploaded once it's ready)


In solidarity, 

Saravanan K, State Gen. Secretary,

PUCL-TN & Puducherry