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Human Rights Violations against the Transgender Community

Report by Peoples’ Union for Civil Liberties, Karnataka (PUCL-K)

A study of kothi and hijra sex workers in Bangalore, India

Brutal stories guaranteed to make the reader sick to the stomach, but portraying the reality of everyday violence suffered by transgenders like hijras, is the core of the report of the Peoples' Union for Civil Liberties in collaboration with other NG0s. 

The report, the first of its kind in the country, released at the "Hijra Habba" which aims not only at bringing the stark realities of the life of transgenders to light but also provides an insight into .the attitudes of various segments of society to them. Warnings in the report that some of the testimonies could be shocking and graphic is no understatement. With blood curdling stories, the report achieves exactly what it aims to do shake tip the society which prefers to turn a blind eye, in such a way to ensure that this small section of human beings can never be ignored again. The report talks of repeated physical abuse, rape, beatings and tor ture suffered by the hijras at the hands of the police and personal guards, tourists, businessmen, and others.

In one such narrative, twenty three year old Sachine relives his trauma after being abandoned by a client in the middle of a ring road. What followed was a sexual assault by a policeman, which left him bleeding and in pain. His nightmare, seeffied never ending, when soon after, a van full of tourists stopped and took turns on him until he was too weak to even protest. 

The report which is based on personal interviews similar to this, with around 40 to 50 transgenders in the city, however, does not stop at this. An entire chapter is dedicated to advising the transgenders on the methods of protecting themselves from harassment legally.

Even the procedure for bail application, sample FIR, and surely affidavit have been dealt with in detail.

`We want society to understand the harsh realities of the lives of these people. We will be sending the report to human rights organisations both national and international, to increase public awareness in this regard,"  said a member of PUCL, Kamataka.

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