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Letters: Bulletin, PUCL Award, Dec 2000
I.T. Empowerment and Human Rights -- By D. jaganathan, Nov. 2000
Population policy and Human Rights , Nov. 2000
Media and communal groups manipulate reality to vilify Meo Muslims, Nov. 2000
Letter: Pakistan - India People's Forum Report -- By S. G. Dastidar, Nov. 2000
Fundamentalism is a threat to secular values-- By R M Pal, Oct 2000
Right to Information and Empowerment of the People, Oct. 2000
Reel life in real life By KGK, Oct. 2000
End the fascist attacks, Oct. 2000
Letter: Riots, Oct. 2000
Letter: the PUCL bulletin, Oct. 2000
A plea for tolerance, By R. M. Pal, Sept 2000 (Link Missing)
Editorial: Right to information, By K. G. Kannabiran, Sept. 2000
Am I not a citizen of this country?, By R. J. Nirmal, Sept 2000
Human Rights Award to Tarkunde, Sept. 2000
Aruna Roy shares the Magsaysay Award
Obituary: Usha mehta and Ajit Kumar, Sept. 2000
Terrorism and Secessionism in South Asia - A Baha'i View Point, Sept 2000

Letter: PUCL website, Aug 2000
Editorial: In the name of terrorism, By Y. P. Chhibbar, Aug 2000
Report: Human rights defenders, Aug 2000
Pakistan -- India People's Forum, Aug 2000
Right as wrong, By K. G. Kannabiran, Aug 2000
Khaki Prejudice, By Ram Puniyani, Aug 2000
Law against 'excommunication' sought, July 2000
Laughing All The Way to the Inquiry, July 2000
Letter: To British Council on funds to PUCL, July 2000
Press Release: PUCL condemns attacks on Christian Institutions, July 2000
Editorial: Tread Softly -- By Y. P. Chhibbar, June 2000
Crimes targeting the Churches and the Christians, June 2000
Sharp escalation in violence against Christians, June 2000
Interview: Healthcare privatization in India, June 2000
Civil and political rights of slum dwellers, June 2000
Obituary: Sophie Reuben, June 2000
Letter: Dr. Ambedkar, June 2000
Remembering Dr. Ambedkar -- By R. M. Pal, May 2000
Missing Prisoners in India and Pakistan, May 2000
Attack on Asghar Ali Engineer condemned, March 2000
Electoral reforms -- By R. B. Mehrotra, March 2000
Fifty years of the Supreme Court -- By N. Vijayalakshmi, March 2000
Code of conduct for judges -- By B. G. Kannabiran, march 2000
Poverty - the mother of all human rights violations -- By Rajindar Sachar, Jan 2000

Women's Movement in Islamic Countries, R.M. Pal Dec 2000
Presidential Truth Commission on Suspicious Deaths, South Korea Nov. 2000
CEDAW will come into force on Dec. 22, Nov 2000
Obituary: HRCP Editor and Joint Director Azziz Siddiqui, Y. P. Chhibbar, Nov. 2000
Globalization and privatization of healthcare blamed for a suicide, Oct 2000
Persecution of a Nepali citizen in Japan, July 2000
In a Lithuanian prison By Ashique Hamdani, June 2000
Pak's Culture of Torture, July 2000

Andhra Pradesh
Nobody Hid This Crime --Dec. 2000
Suicide of Advocate Sangeetha Sharma, Oct 2000
Activities of AP PUCL since 1997, July 2000
Report: State repression and the Naxalite Movement, June 2000

Letter: 'Encounters' in Andhra Pradesh, June 2000
Thought police in Osmania University, May 2000
"Encounter" killings in Andhra Pradesh, April 2000
PWG is willing to hold dialogue, April 2000
Attack on Naamini Subrahmanyam Naidu , editor of the Andhra Jyoti, March 2000

Report: Encounter in Sahi Minapur, Oct. 2000
Report: Killings at Rajebigha, Apsarh, and Mianpur, Sept. 2000
Report: Fake Encounter at Bihta, Sept. 2000
Report: Hooch Tragedy in Patna, Aug. 2000
Police firing in Murlichak Musahari, Patna, July 2000

Support for Shri Umadhar Prasad Singh, April 2000

Chhattisgarh Mukti Morcha Memorandum to the President of India

Police Harassment of Bengali Speaking Muslims of Yamuna Pushta, Dec. 2000
Report: Complaints made by Apollo Hospital Employees, Nov 2000
Death of a sewage worker, Aug 2000
Harrasment of Indian Citizens. By Syed shahabuddin July 2000
Bangladeshi Migrants, By Syed shahabuddin, June 2000
Report: Jamia Varsity: Hapless victims cry for justice, April 2000
Letter: Harrasment of Muslims -- By Syed Shahabuddin, March 2000
Poster Exhibition -- By Gopa Joshi, Nov. 1999

Tribal belt awaits another communal carnage, Oct. 2000
Detaintion of anti-Narmada dam protesters condemned, Oct 2000
Report: Drought relief measures inadequate in Banaskantha, July 2000
Protest meeting on Col. Save's death, By Deva Vrat Phatak, June 2000
Police terror on peaceful demonstrators, May 2000

Jammu and Kashmir
PUCL Press Statement condemns Kashmir killings, Aug 2000
The Jammu and Kashmir Public Safety Act - a threat to human rights
Triple murder, By Syed shahabuddin, June 2000
Aftermath of Chhitisinghpora Massacre of Sikhs -- By Balraj Puri, May 2000
Uneasy times in Kashmir -- By Rajinder Sachar, March 2000

Obituary: Prof. G Kumar Pillai, Nov/Dec 2000
Outspoken dalit widow murdered, May 2000

Demand for State Human Rights Commission, Dec 2000
Bonded labourers in a stone quarry, Oct. 2000
Ragging in College, Aug 2000
Report: Conduct of Dist. Commissioner of Banglore, Sept 2000
Press Release: Conduct of Dist Commissioner of Banglore, July 2000
Report: Custodial death in Moodabidri, June 2000
Custodial Death in Moodabidri Police Station, June 2000

Report: Bababudangiri and communal situation in Chikamagalur town, Jan. 2000

Equality before law, Aug 2000
Report: Detainees in Arthur Road Jail, Aug 2000

10 shot dead by assam Rifles, Vijayalakshmi, dec 2000

PUCL demands Th Muiva be treated with dignity, Oct 2000
Settling the Naga issue, By Rajinder Sachar (LINK MISSING)
'Encounter ' between the army and a Naga Group, Sept 2000
Ceasefire in Naga areas, Sept. 2000
An appeal from friends of the Nagas, July 2000
A statement by former PM's of India, July 2000

WB funded Punjab Health System Corporation makes Public Health costlier, Dec 2000
Rajiv Singh, human rights activist arrested, Oct. 2000
Police assault two young women of village Rajiana, District Moga, Oct. 2000
Press Release: assault in Moga, Oct. 2000
Attacks on Christians, July 2000
Demand a dignified burial for Lajo Begum, May 2000
Punjab: Bonded Labour: Police in Cahoots with Landlords, March 2000

Press Release: Suspicious death of a 14 year old, Oct. 2000
Press Release: State Human Rights Commission Chief Resigns, Oct. 2000
Report: Demolitions in Ajmer, Aug 2000

Tamil Nadu
Police atrocities in adivasi village of Salem district, Dec 2000
Rajkumar Case: Irresponsible comments by politicians, Dec 2000
TN & Pondicherry PUCL Stste Convetion, Dec 2000
Appeal to release a prisoner, Aug 2000
Report: 'Encounter' death of Raveendran at Dhara mapuri, Jan. 2000
Report: Riots in Chennai Central Prison, Nov. 1999

Uttar Pradesh
Report: Police attacks on Muslims during Muharram in Varanasi, Nov. 2000
Ground work for a Uttarnachal PUCL branch, Nov. 2000
Report: Attacks on Christians at Kosi-Kalan, Mathura, & Agra, JHuly 2000
Report: Police atrocities in Mau, June 2000
Report: A tour of Gharwal, Aug 2000
PUCL goes to High Court -- again., Aug 2000
Plight of the Dalits, Aug 2000
AIDS aur hum in the eye of the storm, June 2000
Barbaric attack by the police in Deoria, June 2000
Court directive to setup a human rights commission -- By K. K. Roy, May 2000
Invoking of NSA condemned, May 2000
Child Marriage, Satee, Widow Remarriage,, Feb 2000

West Bengal
Report: Worsening conditions in Sakchi jail, Oct 2000
Bail for Shivdan Ganju, Sept. 2000
Press Release: Death in police custody in Sakchi jail, Sept 2000
Torture in Sakchi jail, Sept 2000
Disappearance of Partha Majumdar, Aug 2000
Nuclear Plant at Sundarbans, Aug 2000
Harassment of a citizen, abusive word to PUCL Presiden, July 2000
Press release on conditions in Sakchi jail, July 2000
Press release on the case of Ms. Neelmani Manjhiyaaeen May 2000
An urgent plea from a mother, May 2000