PUCL Bulletin, November 2001

Special Edition

A collection of all the PUCL JP Memorial Lectures delivered since 1981
Special edition on the occasion of completion of 25 years of the PUCL

  1. In Quest of 'People' of India: Dada Dharmadhikari
  2. Eternal Vigilance: Price of Civil Liberties: Achyut Patwardhan
  3. Towards A New Politics: Rajmohan Gandhi
  4. Law and Human Rights: Y.V. Chandrachud
  5. Promoting Human Rights in India: Rajindar Sachar
  6. Behind Liberty and Equality: Wherefore Indian Socialism? O. Chinnappa Reddy
  7. Humans Without Rights: V.R. Krishna Iyer
  8. Reinterpreting Democracy for Our Times: Rajni Kothari
  9. The Integrity of Institutions and Individual: K.G. Kannabiran
  10. Is Socialism Dead: Nikhil Chakravartty
  11. Communalism and Human Rights: V.M. Tarkunde
  12. The Brutalized State: S. Sahay
  13. Human Rights and the Rule of Law: Amrik Singh
  14. Rebellions Galore, But No Change (Some pages from women's struggle diary): Manimala
  15. Human Rights and Law Enforcement Agencies: Chaman Lal
  16. The State of Human Rights in India: Surendra Mohan
  17. In Search of Roots: Rajendra Yadav
  18. Nuclearisation, Human Rights, and Ethics: Amulya KN. Reddy
  19. Diminishing Freedoms of the Poor - The Poor Future: S.R. Sankaran



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