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PUCL, 2012

Major PUCL reports from our archives

[ Reports are in pdf format ]

In this new section we will endeavour to bring you a selection of major investigation reports and publications of the PUCL.

Kiling of an I.P.F activist by police at Deo, Bhojpur, Bihar PUCL, 1986

Communalism and human rights - JP Memorial Lecture by V. M. Tarkunde, 1993

The Banjhi massacre - Police killing of 15 adivasis, Bihar PUCL, 1984

Close encounters - A report on police shoot-outs in Delhi, Oct., 2004 (PUCL/PUDR)

Deaths in Ranchi mental asylum, Bihar PUCL, 1984

Black Laws in India, June 1985
- - Part I | Part II

Communal Riots in Aligarh, January 1991

Kashmir - A Report to the Natio, May 1993
- - Part I | Part II

Uttarakhand, Perceiving the New State, March 2002
- - Part I | Part II

Chhatisgarh: Custodial Death by Design, August 2006

State Terror on protests against the Khairlanji massacre, January 2007

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