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Religion based violence and communalism

September 2011
PUCL condemns bomb blast at High Court, 7 Sept., Click

Crossed & crucified: Parivar's war against minorites in Orissa - A report by PUCL Bhubaneswar and Kashipur Solideraty Group, Delhi (pdf). Click

March 2009
The ugly face of Sangh Parivar - Report on the large scale violence against Christians in Orissa and Karnataka during August-September 2008 (pdf). Click

October 2008
Shahbaz Ahmed wrongly charged in connection with serial bomb blasts in Jaipur - A PUCL/PUHR report. Click

August 2008
Rebuilding lives - PUCL Rajesthan report on victims of Jaipur bomb blasts, August 2008, Click

May 2008
The Jaipur terror scapegoat: PUCL Rajesthan report by Kavita Srivastava, 24 May 2008 Click

August 2007
Press statement on the assault of writer Taslima Nasreen | Click

May 2007
What really happened at Mecca Masjid ? | Click

Fine arts faculty of M. S. University under siege | Click

Open letter to the Vice-Chancellor- save the university from the fascist politics | Click

March 2007
Appeal for an impartial prosecution of Sajjan Kumar, Congress (I) MP | Click

February 2007
Communal riots in 2006 - A review -- By Asghar Ali Engineer | Click

January 2007
PUCL condemns the "ban" on film 'Parzania, 30 January 2007 | Click

Post-mortem of Afzal Guru Case -- By K. G. Kannabiran, President PUCL, 14 November 2006 | Click

Future of communal relations in India -- By Asghar Ali Engineer | Click

November 2006
Reforming the police: How to combat anti-minority bias in the police? -- By Asghar Ali Engineer | Click

Price of alienating a community: Lessons from the Malegaon by Vidya Bhushan Rawat | Click

October 006
Hashimpura massacre trial after 19 years-Failure of all organs of state -- By Iqbal A Ansari | Click

September 2006
Meerut riots of May 1987 -- PUCL report | Click

Attack on ISKCON temple condemned | Click

Augut 2006
Intolerance leads to censorship -- By K G Kannabiran | Click

Polarised reactions to violence in Kashmir -- By Balraj Puri | Click

July 2006
Christian inmate assaulted by Bajrang Dal activists in Manglore jail -- Fact finding report by P.B. D'Sa and Alwyn Colaco, PUCL Manglore, 11 July, 2006. Click

June 2006
Fake encounter in Nagpur? A report on the 'attack' on RSS Headquarters on June 01, 2006. Click

May 2006
Fatehpura dargah - PUCL complaint ignored, 4 May 2006 Click

A report on bomb blast at the house of prominent RSS activist in Nanded, Maharashtra --- By Dr Suresh Khairnar, Ahmad Kadar and Arvind Ghosh, Secular Citizen's Forum & PUCL, Nagpur Click

“Demolition” of the Fatehpura dargah -- By Kirit Bhatt, Rohit Prajapati, Chinu Srinivasan, People’s Union for Civil Liberties, Gujarat, 2 May 2006 Click

April 2006
Plight of Muslims has worsened in Gujarat A letter to Justice Shri Rajindar Sachar by Devavrat N Pathak, President PUCL Gujarat; Gautam Thaker, General Secretary PUCL Gujarat. Click

Varanasi blasts -- By K G Kannabiran
. Click

March 20056

Gujarat after four years -- By J.S.Bandukwala, Vice-President PUCL. Click

Temples are open to all religions -- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

February 2006
Islands of Sanity -- By Raheel Dhattiwala Click

January 2006

Untold story of Hindukaran (proselytism of adivasi (tribal) in Dangs (Gujarat, India) -- A report by Citizen's Inquiry Committee. Click

August 2005
Communal Violence Suppression bill analyzed. Click

Narendra Modi denied entry to the United States-- By M.A. Rane. Click

June 2005
The Imrana case and the Deoband fatwa -- By J.S.Bandukwala, Vadodara. Click

April 2005

Civil rights activists take umbrage at Raje's stance

September 2004
Interview of Dr. J. S. Bandukwala, Viec-President, PUCL given to the Times of India, 6 Sept. 2004. Click

August 2004
Rajasthan High Court admits PILs in Sati glorification matters, 7 August 2004 Click

Felicition of VHP official by Gujarat government condemned - Letter to The Times of India by J. S. Bandukwala. Click

Illegal eviction of Muslim families in Jharkhand -- By Nishant Akhilesh, June 24, 2004. Click

July 2004
One more encounter for Modi's sake? - A report of the all India fact finding team on the ‘encounter’ of four alleged terrorists by Gujarat police on June 15, 2004 at Ahmedabad. Click

Letter to the editor on 'Iqbal and Reconstruction of Religious Thought In Islam'. Click

June 2004
Iqbal and reconstruction of religious thought In Islam -- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click

April 2004
PUCL Bhubaneswar and Cuttack - A fact-finding report into the incident of atrocities on the Christians in Kilipal village: Christian villagers tonsured and forcibly converted to Hinduism Click

Urgent action to protect life of Malayalam writer and eminent rationalist leader Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam in Kerala. Click

Jammu’s forgotton Muslims -- By Balraj Puri. Click

India Shining, Communal Darkness -- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click

March 2004
Cultural policing by Bajrang Dal and the Rajasthan police. Click

The politics behind the vandalism of Bhandarkar Institute-- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click

January 2004
High Court’s judgment on Best Bakery case has heightened the tragedy of trial court into a farce
-- By Kirit Bhatt, Dr. J. S. Bandukwala, Rohit Prajapati and other human rights activists of Gujarat. Click

Interview with Dr. R.M. Pal on Hindutva and Fascism in India-- "Hindutva and Fascism have much in common" - By Yoginder Sikand, 9 January 2004. Click

Police officers guilty of misconduct towards minorities escape punshiment -- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click
December 2003
Glimpse of Gujarat in a martyr's city- A fact finding CPDR report on Sholapur communal riots. Click

November 2003
Gujarat police ignore PUCL complaint. Click

PUCL concerned that BJP would incite hatred against the minorities during Rajesthan elections. Click

October 2003
Seminar: Coming Elections in India : Democracy Vs. Communal Fascism - -Role of Intellectuals, Media Persons, Human Rights organizations & other Movements. Click

September 2003
Complaint against Dr. Pravin Togadia to the Medical Council of India. Click

Complaint against Dr. Pravin Togadia to the Medical Council of India - a note -- By Amar Jesani. Click

Complaint against Dr. Pravin Togadia to the Medical Council of India - a petition. Click

Best Bakery case - Law and disorder -- By KG Kannabiran. Click

August 2003
Rajasthan PUCL - Manipulating people's minds - The BJP's media offensive in Rajasthan - By Kavita Srivastava. Click

July 2003
Best bakery case - PUCL demands fresh trial, 6 July 2003

Indian rights groups to appeal against Gujarat verdict

Is secularism dead? -- By Asghar Ali Engineer

June 2003
PUCL and Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan (PUCL-VSA), Gujarat:
First state sponsored violence and now state sponsored muslim depositions

PUCL-Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan (VSA) withdraw from the Nanavati-Shah Commission hearings

The Babri site must be given up to the vast mass of Hindus, just on one condition, that there will be no more Mandir-masjid controversies in India - By J.S. Bandukwala, 26 Apr 2003

May 2003
Reduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab - New report documents disappearances, extrajudicial executions and massive illegal cremations by police in Punjab

April 2003
Communalising Rajasthan: Trishul Distribution, The Attack on MKSS shops: Politics of Coercion,
Strategising & Mobilising against Communalism and Fascism, Intervening in the Media. By Kavita Srivastava, PUCL Rajasthan

Intellectual approach to Islam -- By Asghar Ali Engineer

March 2003
Hindutva and minorities By Asghar Ali Engineer

Harrasment of people engaged in social and human rights work in Gujarat

February 2003
PUCL Rajesthan report: Distribution of arms in the State of Rajasthan

Gujarat - Every child must know of the right to life By Dr. Satchit Balsari

Religion and economic justice. By Asghar Ali Engineer

January 2003
Crime Against Humanity - Excerpts from the report of the Concerned Citizens Tribunal into the recent violence in Gujarat.


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