PUCL, 2003 - 2005

Prisons and Prisoner Rights

April 2007
Routine, Mr. Commissioner? PUCL visit to a Delhi police station - Letter to Delhi police commissioner by Pushkar Raj | Click

February 2007
Profile of a police station in India post Nithari, lockup story in Noida -- By Dr. Pushkar Raj Secretary, PUCL | Click

Appalling conditions in Sakchi jail PUCL Jharkhand letter to NHRC | Click

December 2006
PUCL calls for early release of long serving prisoners |

March 2004

PUCL Jamshedpur team visits the Sakchi Jail - Jail authorities forced to return bribe money -- By Nishant Akhilesh, Secretary, Jharkhand PUCL, 6 January, 2004. Click



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