PUCL, 2003 - 2006

Human Rights Law

April 2012
Report on All India Convention against Sedition and Other Repressive Laws

August 2011
Silencing dissenting PUCL statement on the arrest of Anna Hazare and other activists. Click

June 2011
An appeal to the Parliament to repeal the Sedition Law. Click

Augut 2010
Prevention of torture: A weak law won’t do -- Pushkar Raj. Click

September 2007
Impunity impairs Indian Constitution -- K. G. Kannabiran, Combat Law, July - August 2007 | Click

June 2007
Comments on the Model Police Act 2006 - By S R Sankaran IAS (Rtd) | Click

March 2007
Appeal for an impartial prosecution of Sajjan Kumar, Congress (I) MP | Click

Judge throws out murder charges against Chhattisgarh activists | Click

Anti-terror laws: Tools of state terrorism Submission to South Asia sub-regional hearing of ICJ in New Delhi, 27-28 February 2007 by Rohit Prajapati | Click

January 2007

Post-mortem of Afzal Guru Case -- By K. G. Kannabiran, President PUCL, 14 November 2006 | Click

The Right To Information Act in Jammu & Kashmir -- by Balraj Puri | Click

Terrorist laws and and the war on terror -- By K. G Kannabiran | Click

Women’s rights and Islam -- By Asghar Ali Engineer | Click

December 2006
National Judicial Council -- By Rajindar Sachar | Click

Police Act symposium -- By K G Kannabiran | Click

Antiterrorism and security laws in India A Report: New York City Bar Association Recommendations of the Committee on International Human Rights | Click

November 2006
The Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 -- By K G Kannabiran | Click

In support of Irom Sharmila Chanu | Click

Treaty making power of a government -- By Rajindar Sachar | Click

October 2006

High cost of interference - The Priyadarshani Mattoo Judgement By Pushkar Raj, Secretary, PUCL. Click

National convention on black laws and human rights in Chhattisgarh | Click

August 2006
ADM Jabalpur case: A Supreme mistake -- By Rajindar Sachar | Click

The court has always held against liberty Kannabiran’s comment to Justice Sachar's analysis of the ADC Jabalpur case -- By K. G Kannabiran | Click

April 2006
H. M. Seervai - writings and recolletions -- Book review by S. M. Daud. Click

March 2006
Separation of powers: The myth and reality The Third Nani A. Palkhivala Memorial Lecture by Bimal Jalan. Click

Pillars of democracy - where we stand? -- By R.B. Mehrotra, (Former President, Delhi State PUCL & Former High Court Judge, Allahabad), January 10, 2006 Click

February 206
Telephone-tapping an invasion of individual’s privacy -- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

August 2005

Communal Violence Suppression bill analyzed. Click

Naxals, encounter killings, and right to life -- By Biswapriya Kanungo. Click

Dissolution of Bihar assembly -- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

March 2005
Repeal POTA retrospectively-- By Syed Shahabuddin. Click

An analysis of Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958 -- By The Asian Centre for Human Rights Click

Selection and impeachment of judges -- By K.G. Kannabiran Click

Human Rights Instruments – Status of India. From Amnesty International. Click

Compensation & restitution to the victims of crime -- By K.K. Bajpai. Click

February 2005
A judicial commission to deal with matters of judiciary -- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

August 2004
Repeal Armed Forces Special Power act -- By Pushkar Raj and Mahipal Singh, PUCL-Delhi. Click

January 2004
Accountability of the Judiciary is must -- By Rohit Prajapati. Click

April 2004
Anamolies in the arrest procedure -- By Anil Nauriya. Click

Changing role of the Indian judiciary -- By N.S. Venkataraman. Click

For fearless and free system of administration of justice -- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

Analysis of the J&K Permanent resident Bill -- By Balraj Puri. Click

March 2004
What ails the judiciary? -- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

January 2004
National judicial commission bill falls short -- By V.R. Krishna Iyer. Click

Plea for impeachment of judges -- By Ravi Kiran Jain. ClickDivider

September 2003
Best Bakery case - Law and disorder -- By KG Kannabiran. Click

July 2003
Best bakery case - PUCL demands fresh trial, 6 July 2003

Jharkhand High Court acts against corrupt judicial officials

Constitutional amendment bill will curtail judicial independence -- By Ravi Kiran Jain

Panchayati Raj institutions in Manipur -- By N. Vijaylakshmi Brara

West Bengal, - Still a role model for Panchayat Raj-- By George Mathew

Myanmar: Highjacking was an act to highlight cause of democracy in Myanmar, Dr. Y.P. Chhibbar, 13 June 2003

Supreme Court opinion on electoral reforms.should be welcomed -- By Rajindar Sachar

Combating corruption in the judiciary -- By P. P. Rao

June 2003

PUCL Bhubaneswar And Cuttack Branches
Implementation of Supreme Court guidelines on arrest and detention

National convention on POTA

May 2003
Recommendations of the Malimath Committee on reforms of Criminal Justice System

Avoid confrontation over the 'right to information' judgement -- By Rajindar Sachar

April 2003
PUCL urges Supreme Court to quash Pota - Times of India, 3 April 2003

Panchayat Raj: Ten years of local self-government -- By George Mathew

Election reforms -- By Y.P. Chhibbar

Liberties at risk -- By Kuldip Nayar

National Human Rights Commission position on POTO

March 2003
Panchayati Raj institutions and human rights. By George Mathew

Revisiting Socialism. By Surendra Mohan

February 2003
A report on POTA cases in Jharkhand - In Jharkhand all the laws of the land are replaced by POTA

POTO court judgement on the 13 Dec. case - A report by PUDR

Malimuth Committee - Safegaurd the rights of the accused -- By K. G. Kannabiran

Discipline the judges - Letter by H. B. Shenoy

Obituary - Palkhivala, Saviour of Our Constitution and Freedoms


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