PUCL, 2003 - 2005


May 2010
African detainees at Lampur camp threaten to go on hunger strike -- By Mahi Pal Singh. Click

May 2009
PUCL calls for UN military intervention and war crimes trials of Sri Lankan leaders -- By K.G. Kannabiran, President, PUCL 8 May, 2009. Click

February 2007
Save Life of Taslima Nasreen -- By M. A. Rane | Click

Saddam’s hanging -- By K. G. Kannabiran | Click

October 006
“9/11” and all that -- By Y P Chhibbar | Click

Be humane to refugees from Sri Lanka | Click

September 2006
Conditions in Sri Lankan Tamil refugee camps TN & Pondicherry PUCL report | Click

Delhi police insult Asma Jehangir | Click

Treatment of Asma Jehangir shameful | Click

Justice Rana Bhagwan Das | Click

January 2004

Peace moves by India and Pakistan encouraging-- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

August 2003
Rajasthan PUCL - Concern for Pakistani child in an Indian jail

Another Pakistan child, Danish Kumar in Indian jail

July 2003
Myanmar: Highjacking was an act to highlight cause of democracy in Myanmar
Dr. Y.P. Chhibbar, 13 June 2003

June 2003
Another Vietnam in the making - By Mahi Pal Singh, 9 April 2003

April 2003
Attack on the human rights of the Iraqi people, PUCL press statement by Y. P. Chhibbar

Militarisation of Indo Pak border and the Issue of Land Mines By Kavita Srivastava, PUCL Rajasthan



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