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Kashmir : Punish the guilty not the people, 28 Oct., 2010. Click

August 2010
Repression is bound to further alienate the people and lead to more unrest PUCL press statement on situation in Kashmir -- by Prabhakar Sinha, PUCL President and Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, 18 August 2010. Click

June 2010
Fourteen trade union leaders and activists arrested in Gujarat in the name of maoist activity. Click

July 2009
Torture in police custody of student leader -- PUCL, DK report on the custodial torture on Tejaswiraj, President  of National  Students Union of India, D.K. Click

June 2009
Binayak Sen free on bail Click

May 2009
Binayak Sen and our society -- By Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, PUCL. Click

April 2009
PUCL appeal for may 14, 2009 -- Demanding the release of Dr. Binayak Sen and for restoration of democratic rights in Chhattisgarh. Click

Chhattisgarh police interfering with medical assistance for Binayak Sen -- By Illina Sen

November 2008
PUCL Campaign to free Dr. Binayak Sen. Click

October 2008
PUCL Letter to NHRC on Media Management of Report on Salwa Judum. 10 Oct., 2008. Click

"Arresting Film Maker May Have Been a Mistake" Vishwa Ranjan, DGP Chhattisgarh under fire for human rights record at berkeley conference
. Click

September 2008
Supreme Court order vindicates PUCL's stand on Salwa Judum, September 2008 | Click

Dr. Binayak Sen trial The sinister ways of Chhattisgarh police - Events of the third phase of Dr. Binayak Sen's trial & incidents preceeding Ajay TG's bail -- By Kavita Srivastava. Click

"Blatant and shocking attempt by the police to plant false incriminating evidence against Binayak." -- By Dr. Abhay Shukla Member, National Human Rights Commission. Click

A call for trial observers. Trial update by Rajendra Sail, Chhattisgarh PUCL Raipur, 15th September, 2008 Click

April 2008
“Encounter Death” at Kodaikanal PUCL Coimbatore, 19, April 2008 Click

December 2007
‘Encounter culture’ and accountability of police -- By Pushkar Raj and Shobha Sharma | Click

November 2007
Citizens march to protest klling of a human rights activist in Bihar | Click

Dr. Binayak Sen arrest: PUCL expresses concern at delaying tactices, 2 November 2007 | Click

October 2007
State repression in M.P. is politically motivated | Click

Dr. Binayak Sen case: Legal delays result in a standstil, 8 October 2007 | Click

July 2007
High court refuses bail to Dr. Binayak Sen, 23 July 2007 | Click

Analysis of the case against Dr. Binayak Sen, 21 July 2007 | Click

Police arrest intellectual activist Saroj Mohanty, 16 July 2007 | Click

Dr. Binayak Sen: Update, 4 July 2007 | Click

Resolutions of Chhattisgarh PUCL, 29 July 2007 | Click

Defend democracy day in Chhattisgarh | Click

June 2007
Doctored arrest -- by Anand Patwardhan, Hindustan Times, 27 June 2007 | Click

A letter to The Lancet, by Anand Zachariah and Sara Bhattacharji, 30 June 2007 | Click

PUCL meeting with Chhatisgarh CM, 20 June 2007 | Click

Letter to Chhattisgarh Chief Minister, 20 June 2007 | Click

Update 19 June 2007 | Click

Chronology of events | Click

elease Dr. Binayak Sen, repeal Chhattisgarh Act - A statement by Prof. Chomsky and others, 16 June 2007 | Click

Dr Ilina Sen's letter to NHRC, 7 June 2006 | Click

May 2007
NDTV video report on Dr. Sen's arrest, 16 May 2007| Click

Public demonstration in Coimbatore to condemn the arrest of Dr.Binayak Sen - report and photos, 1 June 2007 | Click

Dharna at Jantar Mantar Bhawan against repression of civil liberties in Chattisgarh - by Dr. Pushkar Raj, 31 MAy 2007 | Click

Rajendra Sail released - update by Dr. Chhibbar, 31 May 2007 | Click

Thousands protest against black law and demand release of Dr. Binayak Sen, 29 May 2007| Click

Update by PUCL General Secretery, Dr. Chhibbar, 28 May 2007 | Click

Impunity and arrest of Rajendra Sail, 24 May 2007 | Click

PUDR: Condemn the arrest of PUCL activists in Chhattisgarh, May 25 2007 | Click

Atrocity in India's tribal heartland By Praful Bidwai, May 26 2007 | Click

Dr. Binayak Sen's judicial remand extended till 5th June. Update: May22 | Click

Dr. Sen: Press conference in Delhi , A team of activists to visit Raipur, May 20 - 21| Click

Dr. Binayak Sen's house searh yiels no incriminating evidence - Police prevent Dr. Sen from speaking to the press, May 19 | Click

Dr. Binayak Sen -- By Ammu Abraham. | Click

PUCL Baroda: Statement of support, 16 May. | Click

PUCL Karnataka: Statement of support. | Click

Arrest of the General Secretary of the Chhattisgarh State branch of the PUCL, Dr Binayak Sen, on trumped up charges condemned - PUCL statement | Click

Detention of Dr. Binayak Sen under two black laws in itself a repressive and motivated police act -- PUCL Chhattisgarh statement | Click

Condemn arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen - PUDR statement | Click

February 2007
The other human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir -- By Balraj Puri | Click

January 2007
NHRC - A report card | Click

December 2006
Killing of three persons in fake encounter at Nawada Ben, Bhojpur Bihar PUCL report | Click

PUCL defends its Salva Judum report | Click

Encounter killings of Madhav and seven Maoists in Nallamala forest APCLC Report | Click

October 2006
Punjab Human Rights Committee’s panel holds policemen guilty of murder of a Muslim youth. Report | Press release

Hashimpura massacre trial after 19 years-Failure of all organs of state -- By Iqbal A Ansari | Click

Jammu and Kashmir press statements | Click

September 2006
Meerut riots of May 1987 -- PUCL report | Click

National convention on black laws and human rights in Chhattisgarh | Click

Lasting peace in Dantewara only through a political solution Chhattisgarh PUCL | Click

August 2006
Polarised reactions to violence in Kashmir -- By Balraj Puri | Click

July 2006
Christian inmate assaulted by Bajrang Dal activists in Manglore jail -- Fact finding report by P.B. D'Sa and Alwyn Colaco, PUCL Manglore, 11 July, 2006. Click

June 2006
Activists languishing in prison in Chhattisgarh Click

April 2006
When state makes war on its own people. A report on violations of people's rights during the Salwa Jud um campaign in Dantewada, Chhitsgarh, April 2006 Click

Armed gangs target human rights activists -- By S Jeevan Kumar; K Balagopal Click

March 2006
First Nani A Palkhivala Award to PUCL. Click

January 2006

PUCL, D.K. activists assaulted by S.I. Cheluvaraj of Bajpe Police Station, Dakshin Karnataka. Click

State repression on political opposition in West Bengal Report of fact finding by a team of human rights, democratic rights and civil liberties organisations (December 27 -30, 2005). Click

December 2005
Press release - Fact-finding report on the Salwa Judum, Dantewara District - By an All-India team (PUCL Chhattisgarh and PUCL Jharkhand, PUDR, Delhi; APDR, West Bengal and IAPL), Nov - Dec 2005. Click

CPI (Maoist) leader, Mr. Bijoy alias Prasad dissapeared in Raipur. Click

Mukundan C. Menon passed away. Click

November 2005
Suppression of human rights in Chhattisgarh by the state -- By Dr Binayak Sen, General Secretary, Chhattisgarh Lok Swatantrya Sangathan (PUCL), and National Vice President, PUCL. Click

August 2005

Custody death of Sunil Roy -- By Sajal Basu, Coordinating Committee, West Bengal PUCL, 29th June, 2005. Click

March 2005
Murder or Suicide? Fact finding report on a death in Delhi police custody -- By Pushkar Raj, General Secretary PUCL-Delhi and Rohit Raj, intern with PUCL. Click

Victim or Suspect: S.A.R. Geelani -- By Y.P. Chhibbar. Click

Attempt on Geelani’s life reprehensible. -- Press release by Dr. Chhibbar. Click

Balraj Puri decorated. Click

Obituary: Pammi Mann & Deelip Parmar. Click

February 2005
Peace talks with Naxalites must continue - K. G. Kannabiran’s letter to the Prime Minister. Click

Prime Minister's reply. Click

Sankar Guha Niyogi murder case -- Y. P. Chhibbar. Click

January 2005
Review of human rights in Chhattisgarh in the second half of 2004 by Chhattisgarh PUCL. Click

September 2004
Bihar PUCL Report - Massacre of ten persons in Benar village, Nalanda district. Click

Rape in Manipur - PUCL writes to NHRC. click

Peace talks between State and CPI ML-PW
-- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

August 2004
Amnesty International Report 2004 on India. Click

Anti-Emergency meeting. Click

Obituary - K.P. Saxena. Click

June 2004

Civil liberties issues for the new government -- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

Killing of Kashmir poll observer condemned. Click

April 2004
Vithal Mahadeo Tarkunde - By Y. P. Chhibbar, Fali S. Nariman, M. A. Rane. Click

Socialist Front condemns the arrest of B.D. Sharma. Click

Book review: Panorama of human rights issues – By V.R. Krishna Iyer. Click

March 2004
The long battle on intolerance -- By K.G. Kannabiran, 18 Jan 04. Click

January 2004
The ever expanding horizon of human rights -- By M.A. Rane. Click

Human Rights still not an election issue -- By Y.P. Chhibbar. Click

Sachar’s book released. Click

December 2003
Resolutions of the first Tamil Nadu state conference of human rights defenders. Click

October 2003
Andhra Pradesh - Life and liberty of APCLC activists under serious threat Click

Kannabiran's letter to the Chief Minister. Click

Threats to the life and safety of family of Mr. Kannabiran

July 2003

Crime and politics -- By K.G. Kannabiran

Andhra Pradesh - Civil liberties activists assaulted -- By Prof. S. Seshaiah, Secretary, APCLC

June 2003
Amnesty International on human rights and India

May 2003
Let's us not allow Anomie to set in! - Open letter by K G Kannabiran President, PUCL

April 2003
Report of the convention of PUCL-Karnataka

March 2003
Human rights - What next- By V. M. Tarkunde

A democratic state is governed by the laws. By M.A. Rane, Mumbai, 15.11.2002

Prem Bhasin passes away -- By Y.P. Chhibbar and Surendra Mohan

Report of the convention of PUCL-Karnataka, 26 January 2003

February 2003
Civil liberties activist dies a natural death By K. G. Kannabiran

Undermining the NHRC -- By Rajindar Sachar

Moral obligation to never forget the injustices - By Fali S. Nariman

PUCL UP State Conference

Jayalalitha's misrule condemned

January 2003
Terrorism and Human Right - National and International Perspective - By Y. P. Chhibbar

Three press statements on Kashmir

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