PUCL, 2003 - 2005


January 2013
PUCL Submission to the Verma Committee on sexual assault and rape. 5 Jan., 2013. Click

December 2012
Disturbing rise in male intolerance to empowerment of women
PUCL press statement on Delhi gangr rape, 24th December, 2012. Click

October 2007
Policing morality in Channapatna: A fact-finding report by PUCL Karnataka | Click

March 2006
Crimes against women -- By Zehra Khan Click

January 2006
Flesh trade in Shivdaspur, Varanasi UP PUCL Report. Click

August 2005
Imrana, Jyotsna, Raju, Basanti -- By Y.P. Chhibbar. Click

March 2005
Analysis of the bill to prevent sexual harassment of women in workplace From Combat Law April-May 2003. Click

September 2004
Honour killing in Rajasthan condemned. Click

August 2004
Women’s Reservation Bill - A critique -- By Aysha Sumbul. Click

March 2004

Protests agai nst the acquittal of all the accused in the Sati glorification cases -- By Kavita Srivastava. Click

Human rights violations against sexuality minorities in India - excerpts from a report by PUCL Karnataka. Click

November 2003

Rainbow Planet - A progressive coalition of groups working for the rights of sexual minorities. Click

AIDS activists detained at Mumbai International Airport. Click

October 2003
Report on Human Rights Violations Against the Transgender Community, released in September 2003 by Peoples Union of Civil Liberties (Karnataka). Click.

Launching of ‘South India Coalition for Sexuality Rights’ and ‘Campaign for Repealing of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC)’. Click.

Activists to meet to discuss the criminalization of homosexuality under Indian law. Click

July 2003
Women's reservation bill - A social necessity, national obligation -- By Rajindar Sachar

June 2003
Women leadership in panchayats

Vasanta -- By Lalitha Dhara

March 2003
Crimes against women. By Kuldip Nayar

Letter, Sat, 23 Mar 2002 Police intrusion into SANGAMA, Bangalore

February 2003
Why feminists oppose the death penalty for rapists - A letter by Rukmini Sen

January 2003
Human rights violations against sexuality minorities in India - A report by PUCL Karnataka

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