PUCL, 2003 - 2006


July 2009
Torture in police custody of student leader -- PUCL, DK report on the custodial torture on Tejaswiraj, President  of National  Students Union of India, D.K. Click

May 2007
Open letter to the Vice-Chancellor- save the university from the fascist politics | Click

Fine arts faculty of M. S. University under siege | Click

April 2006
Amrik Singh receives award for contributions in education. Click

May 2005
Against reservations for Muslim students
-- By J.S.Bandukwala. Click

August 2004
Remarks by senior university official in Gujarat are inappropriate.
Statement by Baroda PUCL. Click

June 2004

PUCL teching peace in schools -- By Meena Radhakrishnan. Click

September 2003
“Education a fundamental right” – But to what extent? -A CPDR report into of expulsion of students from different schools in Mumbai. Click

July 2003
PUCL Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry - Fact -finding report on the suicide of Ramu Abhinav and conditions in the Vellammal matriculation school

Government schools vital -- By Mahi Pal Singh

Analysis of Supreme Court judgement on minority run educational institution -- By Amrik Singh

June 2003
A gap in the education policy - By Amrik Singh

April 2003
A PUCL-Delhi University Report - Jailed for demanding implementation of law -- By Sarfaraz and Gopa Joshi

Delhi University students protest police brutality -- By Namami, Vijaya, And Manasi



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