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from the PUCL archives

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of PUCL history. Additions to this section will be made as and when
material is scanned and converted into digital format.

Our thanks to Ms Kalpana Kannabiran for making the selections and Ms V SubbaLakshmi, Ms P Sujatha of Asmita Resource Centre for Women, Hyderabad for preparing the manuscript. Anshuman Jaiswal, Rajiv Kadambi, Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad have to be thanked for sorting out and indexing.)
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May 1981
First issue

PUCL formed

October 1981
Violence in Student Elections in Delhi University

January 1982
State repression against students in the aftermath of the anti-trader agitation in Orissa - A report

February 1982
Perils to academic freedom -- By Dalip S. Swamy

The AMU Crisis -- By Romila Thapar

The Gujarat ordinance - More Government control of affairs of the universities. -- By K. D. Desai

History studies and State patronage -- By Uma Chakravarti

University and the State -- By Manoranjan Mohanty

The Shackles within -- By Satish Saberwal

July 1995
Promise of universal primary education not kept

February - March 1997
Curbing university autonomy - By R. M. Pal

September 1997
Universal primary education first on the Prime Minster's agenda -- By R.M. Pal

October 1997
Universal primary education - Does the government want an escape route?

December 1998
Amartya Sen's on the role of basic education

Children's rights

December 1982
Education is key to abolishing child labour

August 1987
Child prostitution in India-- By Sarika Misha

February 1996
Compulsory primary education for tackling the problem of child labour -By R. M. Pal

November 1996
Exploitation of children - Case studies - By Shri Mahant Tiwari

August 1997
The Rights oh the Child Convention and Right to Information - by: Joseph Gathia

May 1998
Child labour: The education challenge

August 1998
Child labour - The legal challenge - - by K. G. Kannabiran

Dalit and tribal rights
October 1993
Atrocities on dalits, A plea for remedial action
By Justice A. Varadarajan (retd.) and Prakash Ambedkar, MP

August 1984
A comment on the reccomendations of the Mandal commission

January 1994
Untouchability and National Integration. By V. Karuppan

Right to Earth. By Manoranjan Mohanty

August 1994
The Mandal Commission Report. By Dinkar Sakrikar

October 1994
Bhanwari Bai's brave struggle for justice. By Manimala

March 1995
Effort to Uplift the Backward & Depressed is not Casteism. V. M. Tarkunde

April 1995
Human rights education and dalit children. By Geetha B. Nambissan

September 1998
The Branded Tribes of India. By G. N. Devi

June 1999
Dalits & Human Rights : The Battles Ahead - I. By P. Sainath

July 1999
Dalits & Human Rights : The Battles Ahead - II. By P. Sainath

August 1999
Dalits & Human Rights : The Battles Ahead - III. By P. Sainath

October 1999
Disenfranchisement of the dalits

Growing Violence against Untouchables in India. A PUCL statement on a report.

Freedom of religion/Communalism
August 1982
The Dawoodi Bohra's. By Kalpana Sharma

August 1985
Fear of religious minorities - By M. M. Thomas

September 1987
The Bohra High Priest and his oppressive taxation system -- By Asghar Ali Engineer

October 1987
A perspective for muslims -- By Asgar Ali Engineer

October 1988
Religious freedom under our constitution and social reform -- By H. M. Seervai

Covering and Reacting to a Tragedy: Some Reflections Meerut's communal holocaust
By K. C. Gupta and S. K. Mittal

September 1992
Has Kerala Lost Its Cosmopolitanism? By George Matthew

May 1993
Bombay Riots. By Asghar Ali Engineer

Communalism and the Human Rights. By V. M. Tarkunde

September 1993
Killings of Sikhs in 1984: can conscience be stirred? By R. M. Pal

April 1995
Shiv Sena: Intolerant of minorities. By R. M. Pal

February 1996
Supreme court judgment: a blow to secular democracy. By V. M. Tarkunde

May 1996
Perils of canonising Bal Thackeray. By K. G. Kannabiran

August 1997
Agenda for Muslims in 21st Century. By Dr. Syeda Saiyidain Hameed

September 1998
Hindutvavadi and Communalism. By R. M. Pal

January 1999
Outlandish and Illegal: Hindu prayers in government schools. By Rajinder Sachar

May 1999
Religiosity in Politics Dangerous. By Rajinder Sachar

July 1999
Communalism: The Cancerous Evil. By R. M. Pal

Gender justice and equality
May 1981
Baghpat report supports oppression (Maya Tygai case)

August-september 1981
Why the Hon'able Court must hear us. By Arun Shourie
Kamla Case: Trafficking of women

September 1982
Sex prediction tests and womens health -- By Ritu Mehrotra & Raminder Bhatia

Dowry atrocities and the State

The Chipko movement and women -- By Gopa Joshi

From bondage to brothels -- By Majiri

Muslim women and civil rights -- By Shobha, Anuja

Why do dowry deaths occur?

Sexual harassment -- By Deepti Mehrotra

Rape, class and the State -- By Uma Chakravati

August 1984
Working women: Contradictions between reality and statistics

July 1988
Central Sati Act - An analysis by Maja Daruwala

October 1997
Indian woman in a man's world

Human rights
June 1981
First J.P. Memorial Lecture by Dada Dharmadhikari
State of human rights in India

September 1985
PUCL's CIA connection

December 1992
The strategy of fighting for civil liberties - By Nissim Ezekiel

June 1994
The answer to terrorist violence is not state terrorism. By Rajinder Sachar

June 1997
Civil liberties and security of VVIPs by R. M. Pal

Industries, environment, resettlement and workers rights, econimic rights

May 1981
Why was Niyogi arrested

Patnaik Released

December 1981
Seminar on Bonded Labour

September 1982
The Chipko movement and women -- By Gopa Joshi

April 1985
Palamur migrant labour in mica mining -- By Subrahmanyam

Science, environment and democratic rights -- By Vandana Shiva and J. Bandopadhayay

August 1999
Whether Leather or Human Rights. By D. Benedict Thyagarajan

Law and the judiciary
May 1981
NSA, A weapon of repression

Judiciary Under Attack

June 1981
Know Your Rights: Your Right to Assemble and Demonstrate

July 1981
Judiciary Under Executive Assault

Know your rights: If Your Mail is Intercepted

October 1981
Strike-ban ordinance: A lawless law

December 1981
The Judges' Case

January-February 1999
Repressive laws . By K. G. Kannabiran

Media/Freedom of information
December 1981
Onslaught on Cultural Workers -- By Kanchan Kumar

June 1982
Mail and Telephone Censorship

July 1981
Media and Civil Rights: A Perspective

Freedom of the Press

July 1982
Repression and control of the press

Repressive measures against newspapers -
Some legal precedents

Bizarre censorship: A case study

A brief diary of attacks on the press

International review of press freedom

November 1986
The right to know and the duty to inform. By Madan Lokur

August 1990
Things to do about the Press. By Arun Shourie

April 1991
Freedom of Information and Expression in India. Article 19 report.

May 1987
Right to Free Communication in Peril By Dr. George Mathew

March 1999
A lament for right to information

April 1999
Fear of Freedom - Press Council's Judgement in H.K. Dua Case By R M Pal



June 1981

Police Firings- Aimed to Quash Protest

Table: police firings in India (1980-81)

Police firings -- Case studies
Adilabad, Samastipur
Gua, Nipani, Dalli-Rajahara
Moradabad, Baghpat

To fire or not to fire, By K. F. Rustomji

Whither Police Violence, By Syed Shahahuddin

October 1981
Deaths in police custody

Case studies of deaths in custody

Lethal custodians. By Arun Shourie

Lock-ups or Slaughter Houses? By N. K. Singh

The Rajan Case

Murder in Meerut By Sudip Mazumdar
Death in police custody

December 1981
PUCL Investigates Patna Firing -- By K. G. Kannabiran

June 1992
Police and Human Rights. By V. M. Tarkunde

November 1995
Police and the Rule of Law. By R. M. Pal

January - February 1999
Continuing the Rowlatt frame work -- By K. G. Kannabiran

Prisons and prisoner rights
May 1981
Anticipatory Punishment

November 1981
Jails in India : An Investigation, By Raman Nanda

Prison Conditions Case Studies:
Tihar, Delhi (By Sudip Mazumdar)

Arrah, Bihar

Sakchi, Jamshedpur

Prison conditions of Naxalites in Tamil Nadu (By Claude Alvares)

Table: Political prisoners serving life terms in Tamil Nadu jails

Prisoners Rights: Some Landmark Judgements

A Case for A National Prison Policy (By V. R. Krishna Iyar)

June 1982
'Insane' prisoners freed -- By Deepak Joshi

May 1996
Denial of voting rights to undertrials -- By Rajindar Sachar

October 1997
Supreme court denies voting rights to undertrials - Finding is against our constitutional provisions and international covenants By RAJINDER SACHAR

December 1999
Delinquent juveniles --By R. M. Pal



June 1981
Poem: Not to protect people. By Varavara Rao

Poem: Modern Times. By Bobby Sands