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PUCL December 2004
Criminalising poverty - Houseless and anti-beggary law in Delhi -- By Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, PUCL Delhi Click

PUCL September 2004
The death sentence --- By Y.P. Chhibbar. Click

An accident at Tehri Dam in Uttaranchal. Click

Rape in Manipur - PUCL writes to NHRC. click

Peace talks between State and CPI ML-PW -- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

Honour killing in Rajasthan condemned. Click

Interview of Dr. J. S. Bandukwala, Viec-President, PUCL given to the Times of India, 6 Sept. 2004. Click

Status of children in India - Excerpt for report by Asian Centre for Human Rights. Click

Review of Governors’ appointment -- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

PUCL National Council list. Click

PUCL August 2004
Women’s Reservation Bill - A critique -- By Aysha Sumbul. Click

Repeal Armed Forces Special Power act -- By Pushkar Raj and Mahipal Singh, PUCL-Delhi. Click

PUCL for action against polluting industries and a moratorium new hazardous units in Eloor, 12 August 2004, Click.

Remarks by senior university official in Gujarat are inappropriate. Statement by Baroda PUCL. Click

Rajasthan High Court admits PILs in Sati glorification matters, 7 August 2004 Click

Chhattisgarh PUCL convention aims at defending democracy with all its might. Click

Felicition of VHP official by Gujarat government condemned - Letter to The Times of India by J. S. Bandukwala. Click

Mercy petition for Dhananjay Chatterjee -- By K.G. Kannabiran, National President, PUCL, 5 July 2004. Click

Illegal eviction of Muslim families in Jharkhand -- By Nishant Akhilesh, June 24, 2004. Click

Amnesty International Report 2004 on India. Click

Misleading reporting of a lynching episode by Zee TV News -- By Nishant Akhilesh, Secretary, PUCL Jharkhand, October 15, 2003. Click

Oil exploration threat to the Desert National Park. Click

Anti-Emergency meeting. Click

Corruption in Haryana. Click

Tarkunde condolence messages. Click & Click

Obituary - K.P. Saxena. Click

PUCL July 2004
Investigation report of hunger deaths in Dantewada and Bastar districts by Chhaittisgarh PUCL. Click

CRPF terror in tribal areas.
Chhattisgarh PUCL investigation. Click

Chhittasgarh PUCL - Election iIrregularities in Dantewada district Of Chhattisgarh. Click

Punjab Human Rights Committee - Brutal torture in Thermal police station, Bhatinda. Click

One more encounter for Modi's sake? - A report of the all India fact finding team on the ‘encounter’ of four alleged terrorists by Gujarat police on June 15, 2004 at Ahmedabad. Click

Delhi traffic police inspector shoots a jeep driver for not paying timely hafta - By Pushkar Raj, General secretary, Pucl-Delhi. Click

Attacks on Dalits at Kalappatti, Tamil Nadu Report of PUCL fact finding team, May 2004. Click

Pollution threat to the island of Eloor - - Public interest petition filed by Kerala state unit of PUCL before the monitoring committee on hazardous waste and hazardous chemicals set up by the Supreme Court of India. Click

Letter to the editor on 'Iqbal and Reconstruction of Religious Thought In Islam'. Click

Punjab police fabricate charge against doctor. Click

Elections - The wrath of people-- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

June 2004
PUCL teching peace in schools
-- By Meena Radhakrishnan. Click

Civil liberties issues for the new government -- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

Iqbal and reconstruction of religious thought In Islam -- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click

Will globalisation relieve poverty? -- By K.G. Kannabiran, 27 February 2004. Click

Killing of Kashmir poll observer condemned. Click

Music and art for communal harmony and peace -- By Sudha Ramalingam, V. Suresh, 24 April, Chennai. Click

Delhi police officer's dereliction of duty. Click

PUCL Chhattisgarh: Dharna by PUCL against state repression on Jalianwala Massacre day -- By Dr. Binayak Sen. Click

Tarkunde condolence messages. Click

May 2005
Reservation for Dalits in private sector -- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

Public hearing on violations of rights of workers at Kolar gold fields. Click

24th JP Memorial Lecture: JP’s Quest -- By Kuldip Nayar. Click

Research, advocacy, and human rights -- By Pushkar Raj. Click

Uttaranchal, first state to assert a human right to development-- By Ravi Kiran Jain. Click

In Memoriam, Justice V.M. Tarkunde (1909-2004). Click

The right not to vote -- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

PUCL April 2004
Bihar PUCL report - Killing at Mirzapur, Jehanabad on 13 January, 2004-- By Prabhakar Sinha, Ramchandra Lal Das, Kishori Das. Click

PUCL Bhubaneswar and Cuttack - A fact-finding report into the incident of atrocities on the Christians in Kilipal village: Christian villagers tonsured and forcibly converted to Hinduism Click

Custodial violence and the cover up - Delhi police style-- A report by Pushkar Raj, General Secretary, PUCL-Delhi, April 2004. Click

Anamolies in the arrest procedure -- By Anil Nauriya. Click

Urgent action to protect life of Malayalam writer and eminent rationalist leader Mr. Sreeni Pattathanam in Kerala. Click

Protests against the acquittal of all the accused in the Sati glorification cases -- By Kavita Srivastava. Click

Vithal Mahadeo Tarkunde - By Y. P. Chhibbar, Fali S. Nariman, M. A. Rane. Click

Tarkunde condolence meeting and messages. Click

Changing role of the Indian judiciary -- By N.S. Venkataraman. Click

Cultural policing by Bajrang Dal and the Rajasthan police. Click

Jammu’s forgotton Muslims -- By Balraj Puri. Click

India Shining, Communal Darkness -- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click

For fearless and free system of administration of justice
-- By K.G. Kannabiran. Click

Socialist Front condemns the arrest of B.D. Sharma. Click

Kerala PUCL general body meeting report. Click

First conference of Bhubaneswar PUCL branch. Click

Book review: Panorama of human rights issues – By V.R. Krishna Iyer. Click

AP PUCL: Illegal activities of money lenders. Click

Analysis of the J&K Permanent resident Bill -- By Balraj Puri. Click

March 2004
PUCL Jamshedpur team visits the Sakchi Jail - Jail authorities forced to return bribe money -- By Nishant Akhilesh, Secretary, Jharkhand PUCL, 6 January, 2004. Click

The long battle on intolerance -- By K.G. Kannabiran, 18 Jan 04. Click

Bihar PUCL report: Rivalry between armed groups claims more lives. Click

The politics behind the vandalism of Bhandarkar Institute-- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click

A charter for this planet -- By P.B. Sawant. Click

Human rights violations against sexuality minorities in India - excerpts from a report by PUCL Karnataka. Click

PUCL demands publication of judicial report on police firing in Maikanch, Orissa. Click

Punjab Human Rights Committee panel report - Torture of Gurpreet Singh by Talwandi Sabo police. Click

Response from the World Bank. Click

PUCL Janauary 2004

Police officers guilty of misconduct towards minorities escape punshiment -- By Asghar Ali Engineer. Click

PUCL demands publication of judicial report on police firing in Maikanch, Orissa. Click

Killing of two Dalits at village Santagarh district Saharanpur (Uttar Pradesh) - A PUCL Delhi report by Shri Pushkar Raj and Shri Vidya Bhushan Rawat. Click.

Brutal murder of a dalit leader, Birusanti Obanna in Andhra Pradesh. Click

Transparency in arrests. -- By Pushkar Raj, General Secretary PUCL-Delhi. Click

Planning commission proposal to eradicate scavenging. Click

Accountability of the Judiciary is must -- By Rohit Prajapati. Click

High Court’s judgment on Best Bakery case has heightened the tragedy of trial court into a farce
-- By Kirit Bhatt, Dr. J. S. Bandukwala, Rohit Prajapati and other human rights activists of Gujarat. Click

Interview with Dr. R.M. Pal on Hindutva and Fascism in India-- "Hindutva and Fascism have much in common" - By Yoginder Sikand, 9 January 2004. Click

PUCL Bhubaneswar seeks information on the working of the police commissionerate system in Indian cities
-- By Pramodini Pradhan, PUCL- Bhubaneswar. Click

Encounter deaths of two PWG activists at Edu village, Karkala -A PUCL-Karnataka fact-finding investigation report– By Prof. Ramadas Rao, Dr. V. Laxminarayana, General Secretaries, PUCL Karnataka, 30-11-03. Click

Jharkhand Adivasi and Moolvasi on a warpath -- By Stan Swamy. Click

Plea for impeachment of judges -- By Ravi Kiran Jain. Click

Human Rights still not an election issue -- By Y.P. Chhibbar. Click

National judicial commission bill falls short -- By V.R. Krishna Iyer. Click

The ever expanding horizon of human rights -- By M.A. Rane. Click

Peace moves by India and Pakistan encouraging-- By Rajindar Sachar. Click

Sachar’s book released. Click

Himachal Pradesh PUCL branch formed. Click

Dhenkanal District Branch of PUCL formed. Click

Rajendra Bhardwaj passes away. Click

PUCL December 2003

Encounter deaths of two PWG activists at Edu village, Karkala. A PUCL-Karnataka fact-finding investigation report. Click

Justice denied - Prosecutions in the case of 8 dalit victims of Tsundur, Andhra Pradesh stalled for 12 years. By K. G. Kannabiran & Jaladi Moses. Click

Violence against Dalits in Marathwada. The caste cauldron of Maharashtra. CPDR report. Click

Glimpse of Gujarat in a martyr's city- A fact finding CPDR report on Sholapur communal riots. Click

Resolutions of the first Tamil Nadu state conference of human rights defenders. Click

Glimpse of Gujarat in a martyr's city - A CPDR report on Sholapur communal riots. Click

PUCL November 2003
Gujarat police ignore PUCL complaint. Click

Rainbow Planet - A progressive coalition of groups working for the rights of sexual minorities. Click

PUCL concerned that BJP would incite hatred against the minorities during Rajesthan elections. Click

PUCL condemns early morning raid conducted in the premises of People’s Watch Tamil Nadu. Click

Complaint to the NHRC - Police raid on People's Watch premises.

PUCL October 2003
AIDS activists detained at Mumbai International Airport. Click

Andhra Pradesh - Life and liberty of APCLC activists under serious threat Click

Report on Human Rights Violations Against the Transgender Community, released in September 2003 by Peoples Union of Civil Liberties (Karnataka). Click.

Unlawful killings by the police in Tamil Nadu -- By Dr. V. Suresh. Click

Launching of ‘South India Coalition for Sexuality Rights’ and ‘Campaign for Repealing of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC)’. Click.

Kannabiran's letter to the Chief Minister. Click

Threats to the life and safety of family of Mr. Kannabiran. Click

Activists to meet to discuss the criminalization of homosexuality under Indian law. Click

Seminar: Coming Elections in India : Democracy Vs. Communal Fascism - -Role of Intellectuals, Media Persons, Human Rights organizations & other Movements. Click

PUCL September 2003
Enquiry report - PUCL Dumka, Jharkhand Unit - Pachwara coal mining project. Click

Kerala - Petition to ban a fraudulant HIV/AIDS drug. Click

Threat of imminent execution of an Indian in Singapore -- Dr. Suresh, Gen. Secretary, PUCL-TN/Pondicherry. Click

Complaint against Dr. Pravin Togadia to the Medical Council of India. Click

Complaint against Dr. Pravin Togadia to the Medical Council of India - a note -- By Amar Jesani. Click Complaint against Dr. Pravin Togadia to the Medical Council of India - a petition. Click

“Education a fundamental right” – But to what extent? -A CPDR report into of expulsion of students from different schools in Mumbai. Click

PUCL August 2003
Urgent action alert -- Palakkad, Kerala - Activists arrested. Attempt by the police and government to falsely implicate them to crush the struggle. Click

PUCL Kerala activists arrested. Click

Rajasthan PUCL - Manipulating people's minds - The BJP's media offensive in Rajasthan - By Kavita Srivastava. Click

Rajasthan PUCL - Concern for Pakistani child in an Indian jailAnother Pakistan child, Danish Kumar in Indian jail

PUCL July 2003
Police killing in Chennai
Impartial, complete and independent investigation necessary into killing of Veeramani and similar encounters - PUCL (Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry).

Press Release.
Best bakery case - PUCL demands fresh trial, 6 July 2003

Panchayati Raj institutions in Manipur -- By N. Vijaylakshmi Brara
Jharkhand High Court acts against corrupt judicial officialsCoco Cola: Fact finding on the onslaught of groundwater By Sakthi Sugars and Coco Cola Combine in Padamathur in Sivagangai, Tamilnadu Narmada river project dooms thousands -- By Kuldip NayarFive reasons to envy Bihar Major corruption cases exposed by CBI since 1991Electronic Media:Right to information, transparency, and all that - By Y.P. Chhibbar PUCL Bhubaneswar and Rayagada - A fact-finding report on attack on the villagers' agitating against their displacement due to the proposed Sterlite Alumina Project in Lanjigarh Block of Kalahandi district PUCL Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry - Fact -finding report on the suicide of Ramu Abhinav and conditions in the Vellammal matriculation schoolIs secularism dead? -- By Asghar Ali EngineerWomen's reservation bill - A social necessity, national obligation -- By Rajindar SacharWest Bengal, - Still a role model for Panchayat Raj-- By George MathewIndian rights groups to appeal against Gujarat verdictGovernment schools vital -- By Mahi Pal SinghThe return to Muthanga -- By C.K Janu and M. GeethanandanConstitutional amendment bill will curtail judicial independence -- By Ravi Kiran JainAnalysis of Supreme Court judgement on minority run educational institution -- By Amrik Singh
Combating corruption in the judiciary -- By P. P. RaoSupreme Court opinion on electoral reforms.should be welcomed -- By Rajindar SacharCrime and politics -- By K.G. KannabiranCreative media workshopWinter course on forced migration

PUCL June 2003
PUCL Bhubaneswar And Cuttack Branches
Implementation of Supreme Court guidelines on arrest and detention

Dialog with the People's War GroupPeople's Judicial Enquiry Commission- Preliminary report on Muthanga Bhageedar in the efforts to save Delhi' water table -- By Mahant Tiwari, Convenor, Rashtriya Jal Biraadari, Delhi The forest case - The way forward --By Pradip Prabhu PUCL Begusarai, Bihar - Seminar on marginalised peopleMisuse of development funds -- By Era SezhiyanWomen leadership in panchayats -- Interview with Jagrani Devi, conducted by team members of the Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra (SSK) ­ a state level NGO working to strengthen panchayati raj in U.P In the face of death - The working condition of the migrant worker at Alang Sosiya shipbreaking yard (ASSBY), Gujarat. By By Dwarik Nath Rath

PUCL and Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan (PUCL-VSA), Gujarat:
First state sponsored violence and now state sponsored muslim depositions
PUCL-Vadodara Shanti Abhiyan (VSA) withdraw from the Nanavati-Shah Commission hearingsNational convention on POTAThe Babri site must be given up to the vast mass of Hindus, just on one condition, that there will be no more Mandir-masjid controversies in India - By J.S. Bandukwala, 26 Apr 2003 Human Rights Watch: Child slaves abandoned to India's silk industryAmnesty International on human rights and IndiaA gap in the education policy - By Amrik SinghFiring on Adivasis at Muthanga - PUCL will support enquiry by NHRC
-- By H.B. Shenoy, National Vice-President (PUCL) 10 March, 2003
Another Vietnam in the making - By Mahi Pal Singh, 9 April 2003

PUCL May 2003

Recommendations of the Malimath Committee on reforms of Criminal Justice SystemVasanta -- By Lalitha Dhara

West Bengal: Killing of Subhash Sahani, an alleged criminal in police encounter on 21.4.2003 at Belmuri, Dhaniakhali PSReduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab - New report documents disappearances, extrajudicial executions and massive illegal cremations by police in PunjabAvoid confrontation over the 'right to information' judgement -- By Rajindar Sachar

PUCL April 2003
Let's us not allow Anomie to set in! - Open letter by K G Kannabiran President, PUCL
Adivasis shot dead by police in Wayanad -- By C.R. BijoyCommunalising Rajasthan: Trishul Distribution, The Attack on MKSS shops: Politics of Coercion,
Strategising & Mobilising against Communalism and Fascism, Intervening in the Media. By Kavita Srivastava, PUCL Rajasthan
Delhi University students protest police brutality -- By Namami, Vijaya, And ManasiPanchayat Raj: Ten years of local self-government -- By George MathewA PUCL-Delhi University Report - Jailed for demanding implementation of law
-- By Sarfaraz and Gopa Joshi
Liberties at risk -- By Kuldip NayarJharkhand police demand reforms -- S. Bhattacharjee, President, Jharkhand State PUCLAnti-war protests in Rajesthan - a report. By Kavita Srivastava, PUCL RajasthanPUCL Rajesthan report: Distribution of arms in the State of RajasthanAmnesty International - India/Bangladesh: "Push in-push out" practices at the border not acceptableElection reforms -- By Y.P. ChhibbarDocuments of the People's War Group and Committee of Concerned CitizensNational Human Rights Commission position on POTOIntellectual approach to Islam -- By Asghar Ali EngineerMilitarisation of Indo Pak border and the Issue of Land Mines By Kavita Srivastava, PUCL Rajasthan

Attacks on Dalits in Koothirambakkam near Chennai - A fact finding reportPUCL Bihar report - Fake encounter In Sammelan Market, Aashiaanaa Nagar, PatnaAshiana encounter fake, says CBI too By Arun Kumar, President PUCL BiharPUCL urges Supreme Court to quash Pota - Times of India, 3 April 2003Report of the convention of PUCL-Karnataka Obituary - Prem Bhasin passes away By Y. P. Chhibbar & Surendra Mohan

PUCL March 2003
Bihar PUCL report: Fake encounter In Sammelan Market, Aashiaanaa Nagar, Patna
Harrasment of people engaged in social and human rights work in GujaratLetter, Sat, 23 Mar 2002 Police intrusion into SANGAMA, BangaloreIn police work, gender matters. By Pushkar RajHindutva and minorities By Asghar Ali Engineer Crimes against women. By Kuldip NayarA democratic state is governed by the laws. By M.A. Rane, Mumbai, 15.11.2002 Report of the convention of PUCL-Karnataka, 26 January 2003Attack on the human rights of the Iraqi people, PUCL press statement by Y. P. ChhibbarRevisiting Socialism. By Surendra MohanPanchayati Raj institutions and human rights. By George MathewHuman rights - What next- By V. M. TarkundePrem Bhasin passes away -- By Y.P. Chhibbar and Surendra Mohan

PUCL February 2003

Civil liberties activist dies a natural death By K. G. Kannabiran
A report on POTA cases in Jharkhand - In Jharkhand all the laws of the land are replaced by POTAPOTO court judgement on the 13 Dec. case - A report by PUDRBrutal killings of Adivasis at Wayanad - Demands and observationsBrutal killing of Adivasis in Wayanad condemned--Letter to the Prime Minister by Bihar and Begusarai PUCLStatement against police firings on adivasis in MuthangaThe Adivasis of India - A History of Discrimination, Conflict, and Resistance. C. R. BijoyGujarat - Every child must know of the right to life By Dr. Satchit BalsariUndermining the NHRC -- By Rajindar SacharCuttack & Dhenkanal PUCL, Orissa: Police Atrocities on the Villagers of Harbhanga, OrissaReligion and economic justice. By Asghar Ali EngineerMoral obligation to never forget the injustices - By Fali S. Nariman Discipline the judges - Letter by H. B. ShenoyPUCL State ConferenceJayalalitha's misrule condemned

PUCL January 2003

Bihar PUCL inquiry report - Manjhaul police firing kills two youth Lynching of Dalits at Jhajjar, Haryana - two reports Malimuth Committee - Safegaurd the rights of the accused -- By K. G. KannabiranWhy feminists oppose the death penalty for rapists - A letter by Rukmini SenTerrorism and Human Right - National and International Perspective - By Y. P. ChhibbarHuman rights violations against sexuality minorities in India - A report by PUCL Karnataka
Crime Against Humanity - Excerpts from the report of the Concerned Citizens Tribunal into the recent violence in Gujarat.Stop the arms race, Give peace a chance - By Neelofer HaramThree press statements on KashmirObituary - Palkhivala, Saviour of Our Constitution and Freedoms

PUCL December 2002
Killing at Ansal Plaza - Police must learn the law of life - By Rajindar Sachar
Killing at Ansal Plaza - Can state be a law unto itself? -- By Kuldip NayarPolice atrocities on Dalits and Adivasis in Varanasi and neighbourhood areas In U.P. -- A summary by Neelofar HaramRight To Food Campaign update - Chief Secretaries to be held accountable for starvation deathsTamil Nadu- Oppose the amendment to increase the period of police custody -- By V. Suresh, General Secretary, 6.11.2002 Education, Campuses, and Violence -- By Kalpana KannabiranA new beginning in Kashmir -- By Asghar Ali EngineerPlight of women in Bangladesh - Dr. A.S.M. Badruddoza
Bangladesh: Accountability needed in 'Operation Clean Heart', -- Amnesty International, 23 October 2002Bangladesh Human Rights Commission & International Commission of Jurists roundtable-- Summarised by Neelofar HaramPUCL Library Management SystemObituary - Annada Sankar Ray & Kaloji Narayan

Human rights in peril -- By Y.P. Chhibbar
Reforming the police -- By Rajindar SacharSecular parties should strive to halt the growing communalism -- By Asghar Ali EngineerPUCL UP efforts to set up State Human Rights Commission bear fruit -- By Neelofar Haram
Gujarat violence - An appeal by PUCL. By K. G. KannabiranKeep Peace in Gujarat, says Human Rights WatchNational Human Rights Commission hearing -
Cremations of victims of disappearances and custodial killings in Punjab -
Demand respect for facts, accountability and end to impunity
Varanasi PUCL report - Starvation and famine conditions in ChandauliPUCL response to questionnaire by the Committee on Reforms of Criminal Justice SystemWhere will corruption take India? - By N.S. VenkataramanProtest against new POTO-like ordinance in Arunachal PradeshRemembering JP -- By Y. P. ChhibbarThe struggle against Coca Cola in KeralaWorkshop on 'Challenge of Communalism' disrupted - Magsaysay Awardee and Former Vice- Chancellor arrested -- UP-PUCL President condemns police action
SICHREM report - Housewife brands a two-year old infant with an iron spatulaAmnesty International petition opposes impunity agrements with the United States Discrimination against Tamils in the United Kingdom challengedGujarat violence - Crime Against Humanity - A new report by: The Concerned Citizens Tribunal ­ Gujarat 2002, Published on November 22, 2002Handling of a harassment case by Kerala State Human Rights Commission is questioned

PUCL Bulletins, September and October 2002
Is a fair trial possible under POTA ? -- A letter by Gautam Navlakha, Kumar Sanjay Singh, Tripta Wahi, Vijay Singh
Bihar State PUCL Report - Rape of three adivasi girlsBihar State PUCL Report: Fake encounter killing of Surendra Bhagat

Elections in Gujarat:The people can provide the answers -- By Surendra Mohan

Elections in Gujarat: A dismal record of grassroots democracy -- By George MathewGujarat violence - concern over plight of women victims -- By Neelofar HaramArtists' forum demands justice for victims of violence in GujaratThe adivasi struggle for land rights at Koel-Karo - Jharkhand PUCL Report on Killing of eight tribal villagers police firing at Tapkara Jharkhand on 02.02.2001Domestic Violence (DV) Bill: New proposals by government will not protect women's rights (Brinda Karat's speech at AIDWA, Chennai,. 9th May 2002
-- Reported by Sudha Ramalingam)
PUCL UP press release: Attorney General's appearance in court in "personal capacity" was improperDecentralized development in Uttarakhand -- by K.N. BhattPunjab Govt. Commission for closure of World Bank funded health care project
-- By Vineeta Gupta
Electoral reforms - Letter to George Fernandes, Convenor, NDA, New Delhi, July 18, 2002

Do we really adhere to the rule of law? -- By Sudha RamalingamPUCL plea for establishment of UP State Human Rights CommissionAct now to prevent Gujarat-like violence in Kodagu - By Syed Shahabuddin, July 2002Mulayam Singh Chastises The President -- By Y.P. ChhibbarSpeakers from Pakistan and India stress the urgent need for fresh peace initiative - by Neelofar HaramDemocracy, not monarchy is the need of Nepalese people
Arrest of Nepalese activists in New Delhi condemnedWhat the people expect from the new President -- By Mahi Pal Singh

Amnesty International calls for an enquiry into police brutality in the Maan Valley, Madhya Pradesh
Declaration of the UN World Conference Against Racism and Xenophobia

Obituary Krishan Kant

Politicisation of Criminals -- By Rajindar Sachar

Karnataka: Attack on D'Sa condemnedM. A. Thomas National Human Rights Award for Shri Harsh Mander

Fali Nariman To Get Justice Prize

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