Jul 2019

Re-Interpreting Democracy, Reasserting the Constitution, Reimagining Human Rights! Taking Human Rights to the Masses: The Tasks before the PUCL - Dr. V. Suresh


  • Why and How “Secularism” in Our Constitution -Ravi Kiran Jain
  • Message of Greeting to the PUCL Rajasthan Convention by Dr. V. Suresh 
  • Report of the Meeting on 04.05.2019: Reconstitution of PUCL UP 
  • In Memory of George Fernandes: On the threshold of a Fascist State' - N.D. Pancholi
  • Whither Secularism: Democratic Society and Minority Rights - Ram Puniyani
  • Report on the Jharkhand State Executive Committee Meeting by Ajay TG 
  • Appeal to Political Parties to Reject EVM to Safeguard Electoral Process & Save Indian Democracy
  • Forget being a rich man's democracy, we are not even a democracy: ADR's Jagdeep S Chhokar 


  • PUCL Statement on Illegal Raid of Maharashtra Police on Fr. Stan Swamy in Jharkhand 
  • Chhattisgarh PUCL: PUCL Statement for the Arrest of Mangelal Agrawal
  • PUCL Statement against lodging of FIR against Lawyers Collective & Sr. Advocate Anand Grover 
  • Ram Punyani receives threats to life from right wing goons: FIR Registered, Mumbai
  • Statement by Anil Nauriya on Encephalitis Deaths at Muzaffarpur 


July, 2019