Feb 2018

EDITORIAL: Challenges Before The Human Rights Movement in 2018 - V. Suresh


  • A Fatal Blow To Be Judiciary - Rajindar Sachar
  • Master of the Roster and Judicial Norms - N. D. Pancholi
  • Reflection on the Press Meeting of SC Judges - Prabhakar Sinha
  • Media Report of Meeting Organised by PUCL Delhi 
  • Report from Venkatesh Nayak of CHRI: RTI Reveals - Even After Four Decades 
  • Ongoing State Violations of Human Rights in India Must End - Pushkar Raj
  • Triple Tallaq Bill: A Response - Rajindar Sachar
  • Caste Adrift: Violence at Pune, Mumbai speaks of distorted political economy, communities failed by political leaderships - Suhas Palshikar
  • Inciting Mutiny: Are Governments Complicit - Major General S.G. Vombatkere
  • Account for Narmada Water Being Used By All


  • PUCL Statement on Concerns Raised by 4 Seniormost SC Judges
  • Delhi PUCL: We Salute the Four Hon'ble Judges
  • Gujarat PUCL: Stand by the Judges in Defense of the Constitution 
  • PUCL Maharashtra: Statement Condemning the Attack by Hindu Religious Extremists at Bhima Koregaon
  • Condolence Messages: Prof. Vinay Kantha is No More
  • Rajasthan PUCL: Jaipur for Aman & Sadbhavana Rally
  • Statement as given below is issued on current situation at Bhangor: Open Letter to CM, West Bengal
  • Press Statement of PUCL Tamil Nadu & Puducherry
February, 2018