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PUCL, Sept., 2011

PUCL condemns bomb blast at High Court

September 7, 2011

Bomb blast at the Delhi High Court needs severe condemnation: Government must come out with a comprehensive rehabilitation policy for the victims

PUCL strongly condemns the heinous crime of bomb blast at the Delhi High Court this morning, killing nine people and injuring more than fifty. There is no doubt that those who are responsible for it are cruel enemies of humanity and deserve the severest punishment under the law.

PUCL strongly feels that it is the responsibility of the government to minutely investigate this crime of terror and catch the perpetrators. The police need to be much more thorough and professional in their approach to the investigation so that the culprits are brought to the justice. It must augment the human intelligence to prevent such crimes, investigate professionally to catch the real criminals and put together the evidence to ensure speedy punishment to the perpetrators. This is pertinent in the light of the fact that a similar blast had occurred near the same place just about four months back and the case has remained unsolved.

PUCL deeply regrets to note that innocent people who had come to seek justice in the court of law have become victims of a mindless act of terrorism. It is time that the government of India come out with a comprehensive compensation and rehabilitation policy on such victims. These are the people whom the Indian state has failed to protect as the citizen of the country, whatever the reasons. It is high time that the government instead of announcing paltry sum of one or five laks, that sounds like putting a price on a life, takes concrete measures to ensure that families of those who are dead or injured continue to live a dignified life. As a society this is the least we can do to lessen a little the grief and trauma that the victims of such terrorist acts undergo.

-- Prabhakar Sinha, President Pushkar Raj, General Secretary

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