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PUCL Bulletin, March 2006

Withdraw the US ambassador

A letter by Rajindar Sachar, 30 Jan., .2006

Dear Editor,

It appears that the Ambassador to USA, David Mulford is the proto-type of “Ugly American” in a book of the same name which detailed the functioning of the US Embassies in the 3rd world countries in Fifties. First is the insolent advice to Indian Govt. warning it about its vote regarding Iran in the IEA Board. Having had to bite and retreat by public condemnation, he lamely tried to explain it away on the ground of having been misquoted.

This insolence seems to have compounded his unfitness to be an Ambassador by his further press statement objecting to the recent decision of a Syrian oil deal by Indian Govt. in partnership with China. His bad-mouthing continues because he has also come out with criticism of why large sections of our people are objecting FDI in retail. I feel that this persistence should have the only befitting reply from our Govt., namely a quite back-stage suggestion to the USA to withdraw this Ambassador because it is impossible, keeping with the dignity of our country to permit such statements being made by a foreign country. I do not know whether it is possible to ask his withdrawal before Bush’s visit.

But, I think it will help if at least the Bush Administration finds a convenient public excuse by offering him some job in the President’s office and using that as a reason for naming a new Ambassador, before Bush’s visit. Thanking you. Yours sincerely.

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